Conversation with the Angels

Last week, I had a wonderful session with a beautiful Earth Angel – Hannah Imogen Jones. Hannah and I first connected through Facebook, earlier this year, and then met in person in August, before I moved to Brighton.

Hannah Imogen Jones

Hannah Imogen Jones

Wow, what an amazing soul! We connected instantly, and our meeting lasted for three hours, as we spoke of our Flames, our missions, and of the changes the Earth Angels are here to accomplish. A couple of weeks ago, Hannah and I had a catch-up on Skype, and Hannah received a message from the Angels that she needed to have a session with me, where she would call the Angels in, and ask them to give me guidance and support. I jumped at the chance to have the session, and was intrigued to see what it would be like.

So on Thursday last week, Hannah and I connected on Skype, and she called in many angels and archangels to assist. She told me which ones were present, and what they helped with. She told me that my mission was on track, and that I was closer than I realised to where I wanted to be. The messages I received were reassuring and uplifting, and sometimes a little freaky – she described and explained many things that have been happening recently, that she knew nothing about.

She described what she could see of my future, and the angels were asking if I was truly ready for all that was about to unfold. Which has made me really sit and think about where I am, where I am going and whether I am indeed ready for it all!

The session ended with a powerful visual meditation, during which I received healing from Archangel Raphael, and when Hannah went through the chakras, as we reached the heart, I felt a surge of emotion rising up from my chest, making me feel quite teary, but I knew in that moment that all indeed would be well.

So, dear Earth Angels, if you are in need of guidance, in need of support in your mission on Earth at this time, please do get in touch with Hannah. She is a beautiful soul, and she will help to guide you back to your path if you have gone astray, or help to reassure you that you are going in the right direction if you are beginning to have doubts. She is also the author of a stunning book of images and poetry, called Heaven is in Here, and I would definitely urge you to get a copy. Hannah is working on a beautiful new website currently, so if you wish to get in touch with her, you can through Facebook. Click here or search for Hannah Imogen Jones.

heaven is in here

Sending love and light to you all, and remember to ask the angels for help whenever you need it.


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