Time to Walk Away

Dear Twin Flames,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you, I’m sorry. I have been so caught up in my own stuff, my own dramas, that I have neglected you, I do hope you can forgive me.

Today’s letter is not a happy one I’m afraid. Today’s letter is to tell you that you do not need to keep breaking your heart over and over. That you do not need to suffer any more.

This letter is to tell you that it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. You are far too beautiful, far too important to be hurting like this. Because the pain is stopping you from shining. It’s holding you back.

Do not hold yourself back any longer. If your Flame repeatedly pushes you away, then they simply cannot see your magnificence, they cannot understand how incredible you are.

And until they decide to change their old beliefs, they will continue to pull you in then push you away.

As difficult as it is, it is time for you to say – ‘no more.’

The cycle must end. And you must end it. So when you leave, and the time comes when they reach out, wanting you back, you must say no. You must put yourself first. Otherwise you cannot hope to pursue your mission, your reason for being here.

Perhaps, one day, they will finally understand. Perhaps, one day, a reunion, a wholehearted, harmonious reunion will be possible.

But until then, you have to let go.

It will hurt like hell. But I can promise you this – staying in the cycle will hurt more.

And know that when the pain feels like too much – the angels are with you, always, keeping you safe.

You are so very loved, beautiful Flame. Do not let this pain extinguish your spark.

Sending you so much love and light,




4 comments on “Time to Walk Away

  1. Thank you so much for these words. I have just this past month fully realised the necessity of living in them which can be so hard. Especially when all you want is to be with that person without boundaries or resistence. But you are right we have come here to shine through suffering and become transformed as a result. This often means resisting the desire to stay when we are being called to leave. Not matter how much we desire to let loose the roots that ache to grow through our feet and call this person home. There is a time to stay and a time to leave and only you will know when the pain of staying and being rejected over and over is too much. For me this came when the desire to be in a relationship where both people are wholly devoted to nurturing themselves and each other out wayed the reality that what was before me was asking me to settle for something less. This meant I reached a place of empowerment. How? Because I realised I’d rather be alone on this journey (even though you are never truly alone) than be with someone who I feel alone with because they were never fully there in the first place. Not because they don’t love you or desire you but simply because they are not ready to leap and face their inner most fears and obstacles with you beside them. But there is always hope and often we must first become it by realising that it resides within us in order to find it in the world around us. Thank you for the encouragement especially when I was struggling today. Love and best wishes to you, Amelia x

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    • Dear Amelia,
      I’m glad my words shone a little light into the darkness for you, it is never easy to get into the space of acceptance that it’s time to leave and put yourself first. The only thing I can offer from the point I’m at now (a year since this letter) is that it is possible to evolve and grow to the point where you can have a connection with your Flame that doesn’t break your heart over and over. I feel the heartbreak comes from trying to fit this deep connection with another into the structure of a traditional relationship, and it just doesn’t fit. If we are able to allow the relationship to be unusual and weird and not look how people expect, then moving forward in a happier, more harmonious way is possible.
      Sending you so much love and strength at this time, focussing on your mission here on Earth, on things that you feel passionate about, and wish to experience is so important, and will help you to move forward into light and love.


  2. Dear Michelle,

    I don’t even know where to start. Rather I do;but I am having such a difficult time as my thought pattern seems damaged. I feel i am having severe psychological effects as a result of what’s transpired the past 2 yrs for me. I do wish to thank you! Thank you very much for writing such an endearing letter to all of us that have experienced this phenomenon. I had never even heard of TF’s,and only read a lil on soul mates when I met my TF. I will refer to her as JM. Funny cuz we almost had identical initials. She? JMS. Me? JMP. I admittedly have a tendency to be painstakingly thorough; and I wld like to focus on the grand scope vs giving you details as I’ve come to learn they’re meaningless really. I really try my hardest to be objective;go against the grain do to speak as I think it’s imperative in doing so.

    Therefore;I wish to not assign myself as being the “victim” here cuz I firmly blv that she has such pain herself;but its so buried that any potential new possible pain is totally avoided. An impenetrable wall built and perfecting many facades. This was voluntarily given to me by her in the begining. Most wldnt even think abt wanting to get close;and that’s just it. I hadnt;but this unfamiliar feeling came over me before even talking with her. I was so drawn by her it felt? Like many of things all at once. Like I knew her already; that I had to know her;felt this bizarre attraction to her. It was beyond physical. I’m just gonna rattle off random facts;truths that pertain to my experience vs writing it all out. I wld like to say that I have learned so much it’s amazing& I am forever grateful having tasted smthng that cannot just be found in a grocery store. I verbally expressed to her that it doesn’t matter whether she wanted the same as me; or felt the same even. What I am grateful for is that most? Don’t even experience having the opportunity. I soaked it all up for a short while I know for a fact I fell in love with her. Have learned of this phenomenon as well.

    This is why it was so amazing in the beginning is cuz I had become so free like. Felt so comfortable telling her everything. Anything. She loved reading what I said. For 1st 8 months we only texted. Literally almost killed myself cuz i wasnt entirely sure she was even a she and if so was her. We are separated by 2200 mi. Oldest daughter has same bday as me. The inability to ever really stop talking &then strange occurences i later learned about syncronicity. I cannot pinpoint exactly when i begun to fall in love completely with her;but I begun to experience physical sensations when it was felt to be on same frequency& when 1 of those odd occurrences wld happen.

    I wld get the biggest goosebumps that weren’t just in 1 area ;but my entire body. Followed by this tingling sensation ran up my spine. This? Actually started to freak me out. The intensity altogether. I delved into researching TF’S. She found it fascinating &also attracted her more so to me as she values an intellectual capacity. I have no idea how or why I started looking into numerology;but when she texted me 1 night saying “omg u won’t blv what I just found out”! Her bday Jan 22. Mine Dec 7th. The difference between the two is the ratio of Pi’. Essentially a full circle. She got real weirded out thereafter& bcked up. I gave her my heart willingly and voluntarily moving at lightning speed. I felt powerless& unable to even think. Whatever I told her just came out of me naturally. Eventually this came to a halt& this voice inside of me came to me. Suddenly I wasn’t focused on giving ;but what she may of felt. Hadn’t expressed much. Confided in telling me she has problem showing emotions. A yr& 6 months and after 8- 10 separations having been let dwn with visiting and her avoiding ;running any time there was talks of “us” vs her talking abt her ongoing issues with ex – kids father. My analysis observation was I focused too much on &she didn’t at all. Finally she tells me the truth. No wasn’t a lie in her eyes;but not disclosing something of this magnitude and telling me that I am conditional;have expectations ;rules really angered me! Accused me constantly of not having a knowledge of unconditional love. That the love felt between us real and sufficent enough.
    I begun to give up. She told me that she doesn’t know anything in respect to accepting love from a man. Nothing remotely meaningful for 7 yrs random sex.
    My heart I have no clue how it’s still beating after it being broken so many xs while walking with her. My pain though I know I will come to peace with simply becuz I am very proud of myself. The resiliency; and strength;a love I hadn’t even known to exist and I fought hard for it. Because of this I learned a lot abt myself. The capacity I have and that it needs to be directed to my own self.


    • Dear Jojo,

      Thank you for your comment dear soul, apologies for the delayed reply, I am currently travelling around the US and have limited internet time!

      Sounds like you have had an emotional couple of years, as so many other Flames have also during these big spiritual shifts.

      I think you have ultimately discovered the most important thing about Flames- that though it’s easy to love a Flame unconditionally, we must first turn that love inwards and love ourselves unconditionally first. I know it has taken me quite some time to be able to do that and I still have to work on it every day.

      It is time to focus on yourself and your mission and learn to love and appreciate yourself in every way.

      If there is a way for you to reunite with your Flame than it will happen, but for now it is time to let go and move forward.

      Sending love and strength, the angels are with you.



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