Taking Time Out

Hello everyone! Have you missed me?? It’s been really weird not blogging for the last two weeks, since the end of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. To be honest, I didn’t mean to take such a long break, but I think I needed it.

Though I love having a deadline or a challenge to push me, and I get very productive and creative when time is limited – I do enjoy having breaks inbetween. Because I find that it’s in those breaks that I am in the space of allowing great ideas to pop up, and am taking the time to formulate the next part of the adventure.

I find if you just keep surging ahead, pushing, striving, and pounding the path, then you sometimes find yourself, at some point later down the line wondering – did I go the right way? I was talking to a beautiful angel friend of mine today, who was feeling frustrated and desperate, wondering why everything was so hard, and why she kept getting setback after setback. When I suggested taking time out, doing something relaxing or fun, she replied with – I’m a worker, I don’t like sitting around the house all day.

Which is great, but there are times when your mind and body needs exactly that. When we are in stress-mode, and we are pushing ourselves to work harder, and to make big decisions, the outcome is not always going to be what we want it to be. I made a decision a couple of weeks ago, to move back to Brighton. At the time of the decision, I was feeling very upset and stressed out, and making the decision made me feel better, more in control, and it felt right. But when I had calmed down and relaxed, and the day of the move approached, I had this feeling inside that it just wasn’t the right choice. And in my stressed-out state, I had rushed into making a decision, rather than waited to see what was best. Needless to say, the move didn’t happen, because of several things, but overall, it just felt wrong. And I realised that I should never have made a decision like that while I was stressed out and unhappy.

But isn’t that often the case? When we’re happy we trundle along, merrily skipping down the path, and then when an obstacle trips us up, upsets us or stresses us out, we suddenly evaluate our situation and feel like we have to make a massive decision, and so we do so under those stressful conditions.

What if we were to make those big decisions when we’re happy? When we are relaxed? When we are able to go within and listen to our hearts and souls?

I wonder how much happier and better our lives would be?

What do you think? Do you make decisions when you’re stressed? Do you regret them later? Let me know in the comments below.


8 comments on “Taking Time Out

  1. I’ve learned the same lesson several times over the past few years. Making decisions as a knee-jerk reaction to stress, or feeling down, is a really bad idea. Consider something, and take time to really think it through, Wait until you feel in a more relaxed and happy state before changing anything major in your life. Whereas stress and misery can be a catalyst for change, you aren’t always seeing and thinking rationally.

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    • I completely agree – to make long-term decisions, it really is better to be in a calm state of mind. It’s just that usually, when we’re happy and calm we don’t think about what needs changing!
      And making big decisions over a period of time rather than quickly in the spur of the moment is important too.

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  2. Unless is an emergency, I never take a decision while I am upset and stressed.
    Even if I always decide while being calm, relaxed, there are moments when I regret the taken decision. Therefore… I don’t think that the stress level influence the quality of the decision. rather I would say that the level of connection with our subconscious mind will be the main factor. I don’t pretend that I am right. There are only my two cents 🙂

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    • I love your two cents, because of course, even being in a good place while making a decision might not mean it’s the right decision for you. I think perhaps as you say, the most important thing is to truly listen to your gut, to your inner voice. And perhaps to not be afraid to change your mind if it feels wrong.

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