A Few Changes

This week, I have renewed efforts to encourage my readers and fans to become Patrons of my work on Patreon. I so far have two lovely Patrons, who have taken the step to pledge a monthly amount towards the cost of creating more content. In order to encourage more to take that step, I will be releasing videos and writing an online writing diary (chronicling my journey while writing my brand new book) and this content will be available to my Patrons only.

I have also decided, that after I have filmed the readings for the three questions I currently have lined up, I will only be offering the Oracle Readings on YouTube to my Patrons too. This is because it takes a lot of time to set up for filming, do the recording, then the editing and then the uploading. And I want this to be something that I offer to those who are keen for me to keep creating, and show that with their support.

I’m not a huge fan of exclusivity and scarcity and getting people to sign up for things, but the minimum amount you can pledge is $1 (about 66p) a month, which really isn’t very much to ask for in return for everything I create and post. There are different perks to becoming a Patron, depending on the amount you pledge, and more perks and bonuses will be added and offered as time goes on.

I have so much exciting stuff coming up to tell you about, that I promise I will begin blogging more often again!

You can click the image below to visit my profile on Patreon, and see what it’s all about 🙂


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