Spirit Warrior – Jon Fellows


Welcome to the latest post in the Spirit Warrior Series in which I am featuring Spirit Warriors I know. These are men who have made the transition from very ‘normal’ careers, some quite masculine in their nature, to a more spiritual calling. Many men are making this shift from the physical to the meta-physical, and they have allowed me to share their stories with you, in the hopes it will inspire and uplift you, especially if you are thinking of doing the same thing.

The Spirit Warrior I would like to introduce you to is Jon. I have known Jon for six years now, and I witnessed his beautiful transition, so I am pleased to be able to feature him here.

MG: Jon, can you tell everyone what it was you used to do?

Spirit Warrior: For the last twenty years I have run my own Tree Surgery business. I had my own pottery before that, but felt like I needed to be more mercenary and focus on making money to support my family.

stsMG: What is it you currently do?

Spirit Warrior: I am building up my client base for my wellbeing centre, Sacred Tree Spirit, which is within my home in the woods. I have trained in sound therapy and energy healing and help clients to release emotional trauma and heal. I also create wood turned homewares which are available to buy in the shop here.

MG: What inspired the shift?

Spirit Warrior: There have been a number of things that have triggered shifts in the right direction. My divorce process made me think about what I actually wanted from life. I wasn’t getting the thrill I used to get from climbing big, dangerous trees, and in fact, I was starting to think that it was only a matter of time before I pushed my luck too far and ended up getting hurt of killed. I had some profound healing experiences from various practitioners, and some big emotional shifts too, and my thinking shifted from making money to wanting to live a more authentic life and offer more value somehow.

MG: Were there financial implications?

Spirit Warrior: There has been quite a difference in the money coming in, but in taking the leap of faith I have been provided for and have been sustained in so many different ways.

jon fellows1MG: Did you get support from your friends and family?

Spirit Warrior: My parents have always been supportive and have always believed that I can make whatever I can imagine into a reality. My mum, more so, as she has always had a trusting in God to manifest what is needed. My dad is more practical and logical, but has always been rooting for me. My sister is a chiropractor and energy worker, and she inspired me to go deeper with the sound healing work as she used some chakra balancing sound work at the end of her sessions.

I had a lodger, Tanja, who is an expert osteopath and shiatsu practitioner who was very generous with her healing abilities and encouraged me to think about changing things in my life. The local chinese medicine practitioner, Nadia, treated my back and shoulders many times when I was doing the Tree Surgery. She runs a Qi Gong group which I attended for several years and still attend when I can find the time. Her classes helped me to access my fluid body and soften up, which made me realise there is a deep need to release the tension in our bodies. As a result of being exposed to this ancient information, I felt compelled to spend some time at Mantak Chia’s Qi Gong Training Centre in Thaliand.

Knowing and spending time with you, Michelle, has also been an amazing journey, and your support and belief in me has helped me to know that the path I am taking is not so crazy!

MG: Have you ever been judged, criticised or ridiculed for your decision to transition from the physical to meta-physical?

Spirit Warrior: I am sure there are some people who know me that think I have gone a bit mad, but I don’t care.

MG: Have you ever considered returning to your old career?

goblet16Spirit Warrior: I still do some tree work from time to time, though it is getting less often now. It is nice working for some of my long-standing customers, with whom I have built a relationship with over the last 20 years. They often find it hard to get their heads around the new me, but are delighted to see a bowl made from one of their trees, and can appreciate my shift from a more creative point of view.

MG: What gets you through the tough moments?

Spirit Warrior: Connecting with other like-minded people, and having positive feedback from clients who have managed to let go of deeply embedded emotional stuff makes it all feel worthwhile.

MG: Do you have any advice for other Spirit Warriors who are making the same transition, or are thinking of doing so?

Spirit Warrior: I wouldn’t ever tell someone to do something that looks like financial suicide – but feeling the pull to be something more and responding gently to it can transform your life into the life that was meant for you.

forksMG: Can you share you favourite spiritual practice with us?

Spirit Warrior: Circulating Qi and smoothing it around my body helps to boost my core energy. I always do this before working with anyone else so that I don’t feel depleted after a session and they receive the best of me.

MG: Are you more in tune with your inner self? With your intuition?

Spirit Warrior: I am more in tune with my emotions and what I am feeling, but I do have to really trust someone to show them the true me.

MG: Do you express your feelings and emotions more easily?

Spirit Warrior: Expressing exactly what I want rather than people pleasing has been an ongoing challenge for me.

cutting boardMG: What has been the best and worst parts of making this shift?

Spirit Warrior: Beyond the initial doubts I had about making this shift, I now feel as happy and as inquisitive as I did when I was at art college.

MG: If you could go back in time and change the past, would you choose to do it all over again?

Spirit Warrior: The idea of re-tweaking your life is a minefield! I am in constant eager anticipation of what will happen next, like being in a movie of my own making!

MG: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Spirit Warrior: Thank you for the encouragement to take part in this series, just answering and thinking about these questions makes me realise just how fortunate I am.

MG: Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and with my readers!

If you would like to check out what Jon is doing his links are below. Thank you for reading, there will be another Spirit Warrior featured very soon!

Facebook – facebook.com/sacredtreespirit

Instagram – instagram.com/sacredtreespirit

Website – sacred-tree-spirit.com


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