Where’s My F*cking Unicorn?

… is the title of my new book that I just published! 

unicorn-cover-purpleIt is a book about all the reasons (ahem, excuses) why despite reading every self-help book on the planet, our lives still do not even remotely resemble our vision boards.

As well as the reasons, I offer some solutions, and I hope that it helps to make those books and courses actually work for you!

Would love to hear your thoughts on it, I don’t often write non-fiction books, the only other one I wrote was Choose Your Own Reality, which is now the bonus in The Doorway to PAM. 





2 comments on “Where’s My F*cking Unicorn?

  1. Hi Michelle, I’ve just bought this. I’d like it in hard copy too. Look forward to reading more. Also ordering The Doorway to PAM. I loved the opening chapters on Amazon. Thanks for your inspiration and I’m off to look for that f***ing Unicorn:)

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