I’ve always wanted to be an author, and have been writing creatively since I was eight years old. I have independently published twelve books so far. There are four books in the Visionary Collection – a novella called Heaven Dot Com, and three novels: The Doorway to PAM,  The Elphite and I’m Here.  There are eight books in the Earth Angel Series: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening, The Other Side, The Twin Flame Reunion, The Twin Flame Retreat, The Twin Flame Resurrection, The Twin Flame Reality and The Twin Flame Rebellion.

My non-fiction book, Where’s My F**king Unicorn? will be released in hardback in August 2017 by Ammonite Press.

I also enjoy helping other authors to realise their dreams of being an Indie Author. You can see the brochure of services here on my website – The Amethyst Angel.

You can see my Official Website here, and also follow me on Twitter or visit my Facebook page or Amazon Author page!