For Readers

Hello my beautiful friends! Thank you for checking out this page that I have created just for you, my readers and fans. Many of you have recommended my books to others, written reviews or shared links – all of which helps me so much, I truly appreciate it.

I realised today that my readers are busy people, and that if there were quick and easy ways for them to share my books with others, I’m sure they would do so even more! So on this page, are all the links to pages where I have compiled easy ways you can help me, because as a completely Indie author, every little bit truly helps me out in a big way!

General things you can do that really help are:

#1. Leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Click here to visit my Amazon Author page to leave reviews there, or click here to find my Goodreads Author page, to leave reviews there.

#2. Buy copies of my books and give them as gifts to friends and family who would enjoy them!

#3. Share a photo of yourself and a copy of one of my books on social media and include the universal link to that book. 

#4. Sign up to my mailing list to receive my monthly newsletter and updates.

#5. Share the quote photos with a universal link. To share the photos, the easiest thing is to ‘right-click’ on the image, save it and then post it on your favourite social media, with the universal link to the book.

#6. Share the link to download a free copy of I’m Here. I plan to keep the PDF version of this book free for as long as possible, so email it to your friends, share it on Twitter and Facebook – go crazy! The link is:

More resources:

Universal Links


To make it easier, I have created Tweets you can simply copy and paste here.


This page for readers and fans was inspired by a blog post I read, on Writers in the Storm, which you can find here.


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