Random Facts of Madness

Just for the fun of it, I’ve decided to publish here a few random facts about myself, about my books, and about the process of writing the books.

The Earth Angel Training Academy

RFoM #1. The first 900 words of The Earth Angel Training Academy was written in the airport waiting lounge at JFK in New York. I was waiting for my plane back to England, having been in NY for ten months.

RFoM #2. The main character, Velvet, was originally called Mulberry. That name was chosen because the lady sitting across from me in the airport was wearing mulberry-coloured shoes.

RF0M #3. I only decided to write my first novel after buying Chris Baty’s book – No Plot? No Problem! It inspired me into thinking that I could indeed write a full-length novel.

RFoM #4. I wrote The Earth Angel Training Academy in 63 days. I didn’t plot it or develop the characters, I started with a blank page, and a vague idea.

RFoM #5. The entire novel (aside from those first 900 words, which were handwritten) was written on my ancient laptop which was missing the ‘L’ key.

RFoM #6. Over a year after writing the novel, I worked with a lady who loves the water and dolphins, whose name is Dee. She may well have been the Mermaid I wrote about, called DreamswithDolphins. (Deedee for short)

About Me

RFoM #1. When I was 8-9 years old, I wrote a story in school called ‘Mystic Island’  (I even drew a map!) and at the bottom of it, my teacher wrote – “I look forward to reading your first novel.”

RFoM #2. I sometimes have prophetic dreams, and have also done some astral travel while asleep.

RFoM #3. I always wear my socks inside out.

The Doorway to PAM

RFoM #1. I had my very own ‘PAM’ incident, where I found myself in need of guidance and direction. I visited a friend who is a psychic medium, and she directed me to stay in a pub which had been a hotel once. I then made friends with the manager of the pub and had the launch for The Doorway to PAM there a few months later.

RFoM #2. At the book launch, my friend and editor, Elizabeth Lockwood, also had her own ‘PAM’ incident, when she suddenly discovered what she wanted to do as her career.