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When Christina goes into hospital for the final time, and knows that she is about to lose her battle with cancer, she asks her boyfriend, James, to help her deliver messages to her family and friends after she has gone. She also asks him to do something for her, but she dies before he can make it happen, and he finds it difficult to forgive himself. After her death, her messages are received by her loved ones, and the impact her words have will change their lives forever.


‘Compact, poignant and goes straight to the heart – with an unexpected twist at the end.’ – Helena Mallett

The Doorway to PAM

When Natalie is rejected by the one that she has loved for more than ten years, she finds herself lost, lonely and in the middle of the woods. It is here, in the most unlikely place, that she finds PAM’s Tearooms. Within this unusual place, as well as a sweet, strong cup of tea, Natalie also finds her purpose and herself. She discovers that a whole dimension exists, that is only ever found by souls in despair. Run by a lady called Evelyn, who is supported by dreaming volunteers, it is in this dimension that souls who are lost, find the meaning in their lives once more.

It is here, that Natalie finds the love that she has been yearning for.


‘Interesting, engaging, entertaining and uplifting, a delight to read and difficult to put down.’ – Mark Tomlinson
‘An inspirational and well written book that everybody should read at least once, because we all need PAM in our lives!’ – Nikki J

The Elphite

Ellie’s life is just one long, bad case of déjà vu. She has lived her life before – a hundred times before – and she remembers each and every lifetime. Each time, she has changed things, but has never managed to change the ending. This time, in this life, she hopes that it will be different. So she makes the biggest change of all – she tries to avoid meeting him. Her soulmate. The love of her life. Because maybe if they don’t meet, she can finally change her destiny. But fate has other ideas…


‘Michelle Gordon is a very gifted storyteller and this is a book you will want to finish once started.’ – Janice Holden

I’m Here

When Marielle finds out that a guy she had a crush on in school has passed away, the strange occurrences of the previous week begin to make sense. She suspects that he is trying to give her a message from the other side, and so opens up to communicate with him, She has no idea that by doing so, she will be forming a bond so strong, that life as she knows it will forever be changed.

Nathan assumed that when he died, he would move on, and continue his spiritual journey. But instead he finds himself drawn to a girl that he once knew. The more he watches her, and gets to know her, he realises that he was drawn to her for a reason, and that once he knows what that is, he will be able to change his destiny.


‘This story has unexpected twists and turns and this author is definitely on my ‘future books to read’ list! From the second I started, I was hooked. As much as this deals with an esoteric theme, it is a very real and natural read. I loved the characters so much, they brought tears to my eyes at times. If you love books by authors such as Paulo Coelho, or Neale Donald Walsh, this will be right up your street!’ – Chip Jenkins