Tax, UFOs, grit and pink fluffy socks

I have been lacking a little in the motivation department lately, and with my novel still unfinished, my tax return still undone (with all of the receipts scattered in various places) and a mountain of other things that I have been procrastinating on, it was time to act.

Which is where the Grit Doctor comes in. I picked up a copy of ‘Get your Sh!t Together’ while on a girls shopping trip in town the other week.


I read it within two days, and two days after that, I had completed my tax return, and then next morning, I got up at 7.30am (I am not a morning person, so to do that voluntarily was a pretty big deal) and I wrote 5000 words before lunch. (I wrote another 800 words after I tweeted!)  Which is all I needed to finish the book. I set myself a very short deadline to get the book published, and I think I may even make it! I celebrated by telling Ruth Field about my achievements on Twitter:


Though I have still had moments where I cannot get myself going, I have found myself wanting to complete things that have been unfinished for a while. My mum calls these things UFOs. Unfinished Objects. One of my UFOs was a pair of pink fluffy socks which I had started knitting in March 2010. I knitted one within a week, and was very proud of myself, as the wool was tricky to use and it was the first time I had knitted with five double-pointed needles. I began the second sock soon after, but when I got to the heel, I stopped. Fast forward more than three years later, and they remained in the cloth bag, unfinished. So I dug them out, re-deciphered the knitting pattern (I’d had difficulty understanding it the first time round) and within a couple of days, I’d finished the second sock.

Sock knitting in the sunshine

I must admit, I didn’t feel as much elation upon completion as I thought I might, I think I enjoyed the making of the socks more than the finishing them, and perhaps that’s why they remained half done for so long. But the fact that I had finished them was very satisfying. I now have a half-done pair of fingerless gloves which will be my next project.

Finished socks

They even fit!

Pink fluffy socks

So I would like to say a big thank you to the Grit Doctor (aka Ruth Field) for getting me going, I use the GYST facilitator instead of to-do lists now, and I look forward to getting more done very soon!

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