Universal Book Links

Last year I was told about universal book links by an American reader who had clicked on my amazon.co.uk link. He’d had to then go to amazon.com and search for my book before buying it, so he suggested that I get myself a universal link from Booklinker.net. I did just that, and have done so for all of my books, and for my author page too. Having a universal link means that wherever someone is in the world, when they click on it, they are taken to the Amazon page that belongs to their country. Booklinker is free to use and their customer service is excellent. I have recommended doing this to all of the authors I have worked with.

booklinker stats

My stats for The Other Side

Until I received an email from Booklinker today that mentioned stats, I didn’t realise that there was more to the site then meets the eye. When I logged in, I could see how many times each of my links have been clicked on, and from which countries these clicks have come from. Seeing as Amazon release no figures on how many views your book pages get, this has been quite interesting information to have.

Now to work out how to make more of these views convert to sales… If you have any ideas, please comment below!

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