And so it begins!

First post on the I’m Here Book Tour news blog – it’s now official!

I'm Here Book Tour

Very excited to be writing the very first post for the I’m Here Book Tour!

Thanks to the very generous sponsorship from Liz Chukwu, (author of Kismet) I was able to order the cards for the book tour.

Just this morning, the cards arrived. (Which is crazy fast as I only ordered them on Monday! Nice one Vistaprint!)


I was quite nervous about opening the giant box (must admit I had no concept of what 5000 cards would look like) but when I saw them I was very pleased.
wpid-20140508_140803.jpg                 wpid-20140508_140809.jpg

Now I am very motivated to get the book finished so I can start sending out the cards to be distributed around the world. If you would like to get involved in any way, please click on the ‘Get Involved‘ page, to see how. I am still looking for…

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