The Doward Deer Troupe is a Youtube hit!

Going viral!

Sacred Tree Spirit

A couple of weeks back, I happened to notice some deer in the garden while making dinner. I went upstairs to see if I could get any decent photos out of the window, as I had taken some great ones before. I was happily snapping away when the deer started to get playful, so I decided to start filming. I knew immediately that I needed to find some music to put on the video and post it on youtube. Until Monday, the video had received 125 hits, mostly through sharing it with friends on facebook. Then suddenly, Monday night, it started going viral. As of this post, the video has had 10,346 views, and the number is increasing constantly!

It seems that the Doward Deer Troupe are destined to be world-famous, I just hope that I manage to catch them on camera again in the future! In case you missed it…

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