Fundraising Update

I wasn’t expecting to do an update so soon, but thanks to my beautiful sponsors, my total has increased a lot since my post yesterday, and now stands at £96.62! (With gift aid, it’s over £100, which means that 5 people will have their Christmas at Crisis paid for!) One of the donations was from my dad, who was feeling upset because his wallet was stolen, but then he read my blog post and realised that there were others out there who were worse off than him, and that he was grateful that he had food, shelter and friends. He recorded a song to capture his gratitude, which you can see below. Thank you Dad.

If you would like to sponsor a few pounds, the link is It all goes to Crisis and is all very much appreciated.


As promised, here is a video that has touched my heart, and highlights how homeless people have become invisible on the streets.


The Earth Angel Training Academy


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