Live Hangout- All About Twin Flames

Here is the link to the google hangout replay:


Sarah Rebecca Vine and I will cover what Twin Flames are, how to recognise them, what the general stages of the relationship are, how to let go and cut the cords when you are separated, and how to stay on course and follow our own purpose!
I will also be leading you through a short meditation to find a clue about your Twin Flame.

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2 comments on “Live Hangout- All About Twin Flames

  1. Blessings, I had never heard the words “twin flame” before a couple months ago, it kept popping up and by now I know there are no coincidences. Turns out my guide whom I’m in contact with regularly is my twin flame. I even had drawn a little stick figure drawing with our names and a heart last year before I even knew it was her name or that there were twin flames. Initially I was drawn to a woman of the same name and couldn’t figure out what the connection was, I knew there was deep love connecting me to her but it wasn’t sexual at all, which was weird because she’s amazingly attractive so I thought maybe we were siblings in a past life or something and that’s when I drew the picture and wrote “brother-sister?” on it but the connection to her was the name. That’s it.
    My guide first showed up as a mother of mine from a past life and called herself Esther. After reading the signs I asked if she was my twin flame and she said yes, I asked if there was a different name that she wanted me to call her by and when she said yes again, I asked her to help me know it. After a few days I suddenly thought of the name of my friend Rizá. I knew before I even asked her..
    Rizà and Rizón.

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    • Hi Rizon 🙂 So your Twin Flame is your guide on the other side? That does often happen, one of the Twin’s opts to stay on the other side to guide us and help us through this lifetime 🙂 I’m so pleased that you have come across the term and have made the connections, it is a beautiful connection to have between Flames, and to know that we are loved so unconditionally is a wonderful feeling. Sending love and light to you.xx


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