What is Self Love?

Last year I was honoured to help a wonderful friend (and author of Not From This Planet’s upcoming release, Burglar to Buddha) to publish a book that he had compiled, called Self Love Now. Simon had asked the question – Why is Self-Love important at this time in humanity? and the book contains answers from 54 visionaries, and is beautifully illustrated.

Working on the book with Simon got me thinking. What is self love anyway?

Some would say it’s setting boundaries in relationships. Others might say it’s eating healthily. Or buying yourself treats. Or saying no to things that don’t serve you.

I think it may well be different for everyone. For me, self love is acceptance. Of my body, my flaws, my finances, my relationships and my current situation. And it’s not a one-off deal. It’s a daily occurrence. Every time my body changes, I need to accept it all over again. Love it completely again. Whenever my home changes, (which is way too often) I have to accept it again. When my relationships evolve, grow or die, I have to accept those new changes again. Self Love is not berating myself for making mistakes. Self Love is knowing that I am doing the best I can every day in every way. Self Love is never speaking an unkind word against myself, even in jest. (still working on this, self-deprecating jokes are deeply ingrained!) Self Love is a quiet joyfulness. It’s my trust in myself to cope with whatever transpires. Self Love is knowing that I am worthy and deserving of love, abundance and joy, regardless of my productivity or creative output. Self Love is knowing that I have my own back. That I am the sole creator of my own happiness. It’s taking responsibility for my emotions, and not blaming someone else for making me feel bad.

The thing about Self Love, is that it is limitless, it is abundant, and when it is felt in every fibre of your being, it spills out from every pore, and shines on others too. And it is effortless. To truly accept and love yourself is to release all resistance. And when resistance is gone, so is effort and struggle.

So tell me, what is Self Love to you?

4 comments on “What is Self Love?

  1. Hi Michelle
    It’s Helen (the 58year oldie, just so you might remember from my last message to you the other day😁)
    May I ask a slightly unrelated question to your blog. It got me thinking about how self love can make you relate to others.
    I have been’told’ a couple of times now, that I am in a karmic relationship and we both have a karma debt to each other. It had been said that I have repaid this debt to the person but they have not repaid it to me. Now in the spirit of self love, I feel I would like to release any debt to me that might be owed.
    Do you know if that is within my power or not.
    I really have forgiven them for all , and I don’t want to have them indebted to me. I see no need to carry this any more.
    I would welcome your thought on this conundrum 😁

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  2. Hi Helen 🙂

    It is absolutely within your power to forgive this karmic debt, because the forgiveness has very little to do with others, and everything to do with ourselves. Though it’s not necessarily the intention, once you forgive, others’ behaviour does often change as a result, which makes sense considering that thoughts and emotions are energy and we are all connected. I feel that forgiveness is about complete acceptance, and then releasing and not giving it another thought. You could always dowse to check that it has been released too.

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