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Quote Tweets:

 These are quotes from the books.

For The Earth Angel Training Academy:

“The aliens are coming!” ~Aria~  THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY  by Michelle Gordon

“Doubt kills dreams. Kill doubt. Not Dreams.” ~Velvet~ THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY by Michelle Gordon

How could you know orderliness and perfection without chaos? THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

‘I would like to wish you all the love and happiness in the Universe’ THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

I obviously loved you more than anything, how could I not? You are my Twin Flame. THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

By helping those who hurt & anger us,we take one step closer to healing the planet.THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

Whatever you do, don’t put your life on hold. Live. THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

“If only all aliens were as obedient.” THE EARTH ANGEL TRAINING ACADEMY

For The Earth Angel Awakening:

Love like this was most definitely the kind of love that could perform miracles.THE EARTH ANGEL AWAKENING #romance

“I’m not an Angel, I’m a Faerie!” THE EARTH ANGEL AWAKENING #angels #earthangel #faeries

“This is Starlight, she will guide the way home.” ~ Gold ~ THE EARTH ANGEL AWAKENING #destiny

“Have you got any chocolate?” ~ Aria ~ THE EARTH ANGEL AWAKENING #faerieslovechocolate

For The Other Side:

“Oh yes, Faeries love to talk, didn’t you know that?” ~Aria THE OTHER SIDE #faeries


Review Tweets:

These are tweets containing reviews from Amazon, please keep the wording as is.

For The Earth Angel Training Academy:

“Full of insight and inspiring, thought-provoking ideas presented in a light and refreshing way.” #bookreview #angel

“This is a beautiful gem of a book… it is so unique and captivating. I enjoyed every enchanting word.” #bookreview

“Everything happens for a reason, & the time this book came to me was no exception & this book has been my guide.”

For The Earth Angel Awakening:

“This is a fun and enjoyable read that is also deeply meaningful and inspiring.” A Payne #bookreview #twinflame

“If you’re an Earth Angel, Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow, this book will provide some comfort and inspiration.” A Payne

“This book is a beautiful but emotional rollercoaster!” – Llinos Thomas #earthangel #twinflame

For The Other Side:

“The Other Side is like watching the extras on a DVD of your favourite film.” #bookreview #otherside #twinflame

“A great addition to the series, a must read following Earth Angel Training Academy” Andrew E #earthangel

For The Twin Flame Reunion:

“I absolutely LOVED this latest book in the Earth Angel Series” Sarah Vine #twinflame #earthangel

“Of all the Earth Angel Series books, this one is the most poignant… ” Chip Jenkins #twinflame #earthangel

“Struggle, Pain, Confusion, Enlightenment, Rejoicing, Celebration and Love. Amazing!” Andrew E #twinflame

For Heaven dot com:

“This is a gut-wrenching and emotional tale of bravery, loss and moving on.” #heaven #visionaryfiction

“Compact, poignant and goes straight to the heart – with an unexpected twist at the end.” #heaven #visionaryfiction

For The Doorway to PAM:

“Interesting take on parallel dimensions with an inspirational writing style.” M Ledbeater. #visionaryfiction

“Doorway to PAM is a fascinating read and one that I would recommend to everybody.” Xander #visionaryfiction

For The Elphite:

The Elphite has “a plotline that drives along wonderfully, twisting and turning in ways you’ll never see coming.” Elphite

“It marches along, with lots of twists, turns and surprises… and the ending is a brilliant surprise.” Jaqui F

For I’m Here:

“This is my favourite Michelle Gordon spiritual fiction book so far.” Jnap #ghostromance #visionaryfiction

“Loved this book, it touched me deep inside. It moved me to tears – made me cry, laugh & smile.” #ghostromance

Recommendation Tweets:

Please feel free to re-word these to fit your own views.

I highly recommend The Earth Angel Training Academy by Michelle Gordon. It’s a fun and engaging read! #earthangel

I loved this book! The Earth Angel Awakening by Michelle Gordon is a must-read for anyone who loves angels! #angels

You get to find out what happens behind the scenes at the Earth Angel Training Academy – brilliant! #earthangel

Read this in one sitting, just could not put it down! #twinflame



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