An interview with Beryl, by Aria!

Aria: Hi ,Beryl!! How are you today?

Beryl: Hello, Aria. I am very well, thank you. How are you?

Aria: I’m good! So Velvet said I could be the interviewer for the Academy Newsletter, don’t you think that’s wicked?

Beryl: Yes, it is awesome. I admit that I am a bit nervous as to what you might ask me!

A: Why are you nervous? Do you know lots of secrets about Velvet? I bet you do, don’t you?

B: I might do… what do you want to know?

A: Oooh! Excellent, hmmm, what do I want to know… oh! has she always been so boring? I mean, all she does is work, she doesn’t seem to do anything for fun. Does she have any mad secret hobbies?

B: Haha! She’s not boring, is she?

A: Well, she could do with laughing more often, don’t you think?

B: I think Velvet has a lot of responsibility, but she’s not completely boring, she definitely knows how to have fun. But you are right – she does need to laugh more often and take some time off!

A: I’m glad you agree! After all, that’s what you’re there for, right, to do all the boring stuff? Like all the organising and scheduling for the Academy? What else do you do anyway?I’ve never even seen the inside of your office.

B: I suppose you could put it like that, I keep the Academy – and Velvet – organised and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

A: That’s cool. So what does your office look like? Is it as boring as Velvet’s office?

B: My office is a in a secret place, Aria… you need a password to come in. Just kidding, you are welcome to visit whenever. My office has a big desk and a big comfy chair. I also have many, many book shelves for my collection of books and the many necessary files to keep the Academy organised. I also have crystals hanging up that make rainbows shine into the room and others that shine stars.

A: Aww, that would be cool if it was secret, it would be like trying to get into the Leprechaun Garden! You have to do crazy riddles and stuff to get in there. Have you ever been there?

B: I love the Leprechaun Garden. It is my favourite garden here. I have a soft spot for Leprechaun.

A: You like Leprechaun?? But they’re so naughty! They make me look positively angelic!

B: Do you not like Leprechaun, Aria? I think they are just misunderstood.

A: Misunderstood?? Weren’t you here during the Leprechaun incident? Linen told me all about it, sounded like they really caused a lot of trouble.

B: Well, yes, they did. Don’t talk to Velvet about that…

A: I know, she almost goes green just at the mention of Leprechaun! It’s quite funny, actually…

B: That’s one thing that will get Velvet irritated!

A: Yeah. Don’t want to get her in a bad mood, she might not let me do the interviews anymore!

B: True! Always good to keep Velvet in a good mood. Are you getting distracted, Aria? Are you hungry?

A: I am! And Linen keeps distracting me… What’s your favourite snack? Do you have any chocolate?

B: I have some chocolate cupcakes, would you like one? I love cupcakes. They are my favourite treat. Take one for Linen too.

A: Aww, Beryl! You’re an Angel! Thanks!

B: You are welcome! So what else would you like to know?

A: Ummmmm. Sorry, busy eating my lovely cupcake! It really is good, you’ll have to tell me how to manifest them, anyway, where were we? Oh yeah! What do you do for fun? Because I know that Angels like to just relax, and meditate and stuff, but is there something you like doing just for the fun of it?

B: I like to spend time with my friends. But there is something that not many people know. I like to go clubbing.

A:  Clubbing??  You mean that really loud music that you can feel more than you can hear?  Wow, wouldn’t have thought you’d like that!

B: That’s the one. It really is good fun, Aria. You should try it!

A:  Hmm, I like my eardrums too much.

B: Nothing quite like having a laugh with your friends and dancing around to music.

A:  I only went into the hall for five minutes when the music was on and I was nearly deaf afterwards!

B: Try ear plugs next time.

A: Yeah but you can’t talk in there. I like talking!

B:  So do I. You can find a quiet corner for a chat.  Or I like to chat with friends in the Leprechaun Garden if it gets too loud there.  Nice to go somewhere quieter after the loud music.

A:  I can’t believe you managed to figure out all the riddles and stuff. Amethyst said she’d show me how to get in there, I haven’t got the patience to work it out myself.

B: I’ll help you. It’s easy if you focus.

A: Oh dear, this is more of a chat than an interview, do you think Velvet will mind?

B: Hmm. She may be a little irritated that we’ve spoken about Leprechaun quite so much. Do you have any more questions to ask me?

A: Um, well, I didn’t really prepare anything, I’m not very organised like that. Have you got anything interesting that you think the Earth Angel Trainees reading this would like to know? Any tips on how to Awaken or something? Or on how to be more organised?!

B: It is very important to learn about time management while at the academy or you will end up as a very disorganised human!  Make as many friends as possible and be open to learning new things.

A: I’m good at making friends! Not so sure about the time management thingy though.

B: Being good at making friends is an excellent trait to possess.

A:  Awww, you’re making me blush!

B: Well, you are very likeable, Aria, it’s no wonder you have so many friends.

A: I know! Lots of people love me!

B: You could also try to think of certain symbols that are special to you now so that when you see them as a human it will evoke a memory within you and may help you to awaken.

A: That’s a good idea! Like if I were to see an amethyst crystal, I’d remember my friend, Amethyst?

B: Exactly! Now, shall we finish the interview and I’ll help you with the riddles at the Leprechaun Garden?

A:  Yes please! Have you got any more cupcakes too?

B: Of course!

A: Yey! Don’t tell Amethyst, but I think you may well be my new best friend, Beryl! 

B: I won’t. Come on then, let’s go!

A: Okay!

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