Merry Christmas!

The New Year is still four days away, but I feel impatient to get going with the publishing process, problem is, I’m not entirely sure where to begin… you would think I would have a plan or schedule of sorts, but I’m really just making it up as I go along, I’ve been thinking about the acknowledgement page, and I should make a list of all the people who have helped me write the book, either with their encouragement or with their editing skills. I should also read through the book again, and see if there are any more errors to correct, I would hope I’ve got them all by now, but the odd little one may have snuck in there. Hmm, I guess another good thing to sort out would be a review or two, so I could put the snippets on the cover, I always think it  looks good that someone has actually read the book and enjoyed it! Well I think this may be the beginning of a plan – Acknowledgement pages, another read through, and then obtaining a review from my friends who have read it.

I’m feeling like I should get on with adding to and editing the sequel too, I keep getting new ideas for it, and I feel it would be a good idea to have it pretty much done by the time I publish the first one, so I can then publish it not too long later. I hate it when I’ve read a good book but I have to wait months or years for the next one! There’s a book series that I loved more then ten years ago, and the final book never got published. I’m still waiting faithfully, but I have to admit, by the time I actually get my hands on it, I’m not sure it will have as much impact as it would have done all those years ago. We’ll see! I won’t make my readers wait so long, I promise.

Here’s a bit of fun, I mentioned it in my other blog – Organicism – it’s a great tool for making yourself write quickly, it’s called Write or Die and you can set it to do various things, such as flash different colours if you pause writing for more than a few seconds, or even, if you pause too long, it will start to delete you words!! You can set your own time limits and word limits, and I wrote a short piece on it, I think it was about 500 words in 17 minutes, which is pretty good going! Check it out, it’s good for a laugh.

Well, I think it may be time for lunch, I’m feeling a bit lazy right now, which I suppose is allowed over the Christmas period, but I feel the need to do something creative, so it’s time to get off the internet I think! I will update with the progress of the plan!

Merry Christmas!

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