Errors abound!

The Acknowledgements page is shaping up nicely, have the feeling I’ve forgotten someone though… The read through is coming along, I started randomly picking pages to edit in the copy I printed for my boyfriend to read, and I’ve filled pages in my notebook of errors to correct already! Some of it is just slightly dodgy wording, but some are spelling or grammar errors. There’s also a few points that weren’t wrapped up by the end of the novel, or that need mentioning in the sequel but haven’t been yet… dear me, I feel another mammoth edit coming on! Was really hoping I was nearly there, but apparently not. So I think I will be printing another copy for myself to read through again for errors. It seems like an awful waste of paper and ink, but I find it very difficult to see the errors when reading off the computer screen. Don’t know why it should make much of a difference, but it seems to!

Another thing to add to my plan – a bibliography of books that inspired me at the back. Progress is being made, albeit slowly 🙂

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