The editing continues…

My random editing technique seems to be working, and I have more pages of edits to make on the digital copy, and yet more threads that need tying up either in this novel or the sequel. I feel the need to make my novel more visual, and would love to have a chart of all the characters and the events in the novel, but I’m not sure how to do it. Ideally, if I could draw, I would draw the characters, incorporating their physical appearance and then have visual elements around them that define them. Hmmm, I’ve just had an idea! A while ago, I came across the website which turns text into a wordle – a word cloud that makes words that are used most often bigger than the words that arent used very often. You can play around with the font, the layout and the colours, then print directly or copy and paste the image. I made wordles of several chapters of The Earth Angel Training Academy, and have them on my wall in my room. I could make a wordle of each character and their characteristics. Hmm, I feel the need to try it right now, I will paste the main character here…

I think Wordles may be the way to go! Much better to look at than the boring excel spreadsheet I currently have!

On another note, I was watching TV earlier, and Back to the Future was on, an excellent film I haven’t seen in years. Towards the end, at the school dance, they do a song called ‘Earth Angel’ I found a version of it on Youtube, here it is:

Right, back to the editing, I may be a while…

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