A brief creative break…

After some editing this morning, well, actually, early this afternoon, I took a break to make something for my very, very good friend Anne, which I will be sending her soon 🙂 We’ve set each other a creative challenge, which you can see on my other blog: http://theamethystangel.wordpress.com/ 

It’s still amazing me just how many more errors I am finding in my novel, and I’ve also found a scene that doesn’t work within the era it’s set… I sense quite an overhaul of my novel coming on, which is a dramatic change to my original plan of “having a quick read-through to catch any minor errors” !! I hope that it will be quite polished by the time I’ve finished this not-so-quick read through!

As a taster, here is a small excerpt of the novel, where Aria, a Faerie, and her roommate, Amethyst (an Angel) go to their room for the first time.

Wow! It’s so beautiful!”

Amethyst and the little green Faerie gazed around their room in awe. The spacious room was bright and airy. There were three huge beds dotted around, draped in beautiful linens. There was a notice board on the wall that had a large sign on it.

Welcome new students! I hope your room is everything that you desire. To change the décor, simply touch the item and state your desire. To manifest anything, just speak your request out loud, three times. If there are any problems, questions or concerns, write them down on this board and they will be dealt with. We will be reconvening in the main hall later on today. See you there! Velvet.”

The Faerie’s eyes widened. “We just touch things, and they change? I’ve gotta try this!” She flew over to the nearest bed and touched the sheets. “Green!” Instantly, the sheets turned the colour of spring grass. The Faerie squealed in delight, and started zooming around the room, touching things and yelling out colours and patterns, until the room looked like the inside of a kaleidoscope.

Amethyst looked around, amusement showing on her face. “Hmm,” she said. “I may just change a few things around my bed, if that’s okay with you?”

The Faerie was bouncing up and down on her bed. “Okay!”

The Angel went to the bed opposite and touched the sheets. “Amethyst,” she said. Instantly the sheets turned a shimmering lilac colour. The Angel nodded happily. She touched the wall behind her and said: “A meadow on a breezy summer’s day.” The wall took on the appearance of a meadow, with a bright blue sky, lazy clouds drifting along, wildflowers in bright colours and the long grass swaying in an unfelt breeze.

Ooh!” the Faerie said. “That’s so beautiful! I’m going to try!” She flew to her wall and touched it. “A lawn from a Faerie’s point of view.” Giant blades of grass appeared, a huge ladybug crawled slowly up one of them, and a massive ant ambled past. The Faerie flew around in circles. “It’s so life-like! It feels like I’m back home again!” She stroked the moving image of the ladybug. “I wonder how Larry is,” she muttered to herself.

Michelle Gordon © 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

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