Posture Problems…

Went to see a physio today, I’ve had pain in my right shoulder blade for months now, and apparently the problem is my neck, more than likely caused by sitting on the settee, hunched over my netbook while watching TV… Of course, as I write this, I am absolutely NOT sat on the settee hunched over my netbook while watching TV………… yeah, okay, I’m lying. So writing does have its drawbacks. Neck problems, back problems, RSI…. obviously, it’s worth it… well, at least it will be when I’m making my millions and I’m able to get a massage every day!

So, a new plan of action is in place, which involves a trip to Ikea! I’m getting myself a table and some bookshelves, and will be using my netbook primarily while sitting properly at the table in my room… well that’s the idea anyway, I’ll let you know if it actually happens! I’ve promised myself that I will do my best to please the physio lady – I think she could be quite scary if she wanted to be! Besides, I’m tired of the back pain too, so it should be worth it. I also love any excuse to go to Ikea!

Well, in an effort to change my posture, I’ll sign off here, and hopefully get my first early night in a while!

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