I should be writing

But my mind is a blank page

And I am broken

Hmm, can you tell I was given a Haiku writing set for my birthday?? I’m going Haiku mad now, and will try to fit a few of them into my novels somehow, I think! I don’t think I’ve ever written any before, but they’re quite a good exercise, and as my book says, can be quite helpful on the spiritual journey. Expressing thoughts and feelings in such a tight, concise way, is actually quite liberating, because you have to be so brief and to the point. I’ve been incorporating them into my scrapbooking layouts (another hobby of mine!) and also as verses in cards!

Spent yesterday with my Spiritual Sisters, who have inspired the characters in the sequel to The Earth Angel Training Academy, and they have given me many more ideas for the sequel… I think I may have to do a bit of work on it. It’s calling to me quite urgently now. But I’ve tried to be strict with myself and focus on the editing of the first novel… we’ll see.

It is calling me

My focus is wavering

But I will be strong

Oh dear, I better go before the Haiku’s take over!

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