The journey/quest/mission/craziness continues…

I must admit, it all went a bit quiet during January, well, in terms of publishing anyway, everything else has been super busy! I have written February’s column for the Newbie Writer’s Newsletter, just need to edit and send tonight, in time for the deadline. I’ve announced it there, so I will announce it here too – I have set a publishing/release date for my novel! It seems that I don’t get a whole lot done without a deadline, so here it is….. July 1st 2011! So mark it in your diaries everyone, that is when The Earth Angel Training Academy will be available to buy 🙂

Editing has ground to a slight halt, but thanks to a very talented friend of mine, the cover is steaming along! She has been tirelessly sketching designs for it, trying to match the idea in my head, which is not easy! But having read my novel now, she understands what it’s all about, and I’m hoping the final design will reflect that! So, I really should get my skates on and actually get the editing done, so that I am ready for my deadline. Though it seems quite far away now, time seems to be speeding by at the rate of knots, probably because in my job I have to plan everything months in advance! I’m currently planning April, so it’s no wonder I never know what day it is! 

Well, time to get the column done and perhaps even some editing, along with the other million and one things on my to do list!

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