So this is what it would be like…

Well, I have the day off today, and I have spent it (once I managed to get up at 10am oops) editing my novel. Of course I have showered, eaten, done the washing up etc etc, but on the whole, I have been editing feverishly. And I am nearly there! I think, oh dear, maybe I shouldn’t put that, the last time I made such grand statements of nearing completion, I ended up doing a mammoth edit. But this time, it does feel as though I am getting closer. And that maybe I should have trusted my big sister and gone for a publishing date that’s a bit sooner. Well, it’s not set in stone, so maybe I will publish before the 1st of July.

It occurred to me earlier, that if I were to actually live my dream of being a full time writer one day, then it would be pretty much like today. I would be sat in the the sunlight, typing away, considering plot twists, playing with new ideas for charcters, and polishing my words until they’re shiny. I quite like it. I would obviously need to engage in some activities that would involve interaction with other people at some point, just so that I have things to write about, if nothing else. But this life of serenity and solitude is something that I think I would quite enjoy. Of course, to be a successful writer these days, you have to promote your book and sell yourself relentlessly, but I’m sure that there would be periods of time where it would just be me, my laptop and the endless sea of my imagination. Until that time when I can do this full time, I will just savour these moments, as they are my calm in the midst of the organised chaos that is my present life.

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