2012 is going to be a fantastic year!

I know, I know, it’s been an age since  I last wrote, things have been beyond busy, I published The Doorway to PAM and launched it on the 4th December, and I’ve still been working, shopping for Christmas, editing etc etc! But I am hereby making a resolution right now to write at least once a week, about my self-publishing adventures, of which there are many! And the lessons I have learnt, in the hopes I save you all a little time and hassle!

Just to remind everyone that you can follow me on Twitter – themiraclemuse and ‘like’ my facebook page – Michelle Gordon – Author.

The Doorway to PAM is available on Kindle and Amazon.

Well, the plan for 2012 is to publish two novels, The Earth Angel Awakening and The Elphite. Do as many launches as possible, and also start up a business editing and formatting self-published books.

Not much then really!! I’ll also try to mention any tips here that I pick up along the way – my tip for today is this – if you are thinking of self-publishing your book, do not under any circumstances use a company who asks for lots of money, promises a lot, takes away your publishing rights and delivers very little in return.  If you are self-publishing, you should retain all the rights, and if you need to pay someone to edit and proofread, it should be fairly reasonable. It doesn’t actually cost anything to publish the book, on Print on Demand or as an ebook.

Well, I’m going to sign off for today, I promise to be back soon!

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