February 2012

It’s a month into the new year, and I have not been posting every week, I know! But I have been very busy! Editing, setting up a publishing business, quitting my job, going on holiday, sorting out my art studio and desk… and that’s all just in the last six weeks! I knew this year would be a busy one, but it has already exceeded my expectations of busyness.

I have spent the entire day in front of two laptops doing research, Tweeting, and setting up the basics of the new publishing business. I know that in order to make money with the business and sell a few copies of my books I need to be on the social networking sites and make myself known, but I miss the times when I would go on my computer to actually write! I know, I’m complaining about social networking on my blog, don’t worry, the irony of that hasn’t escaped me. I’m not really complaining as much as commenting on the fact that I spend more time on my computer than I ever used to, and yet my productivity as a writer is so much lower than it used to be too.

But would there even be any point in writing my next book if I didn’t do the networking now to guarantee some readers?

I guess the answer to that depends on how important it is to me that people read my words. I know that those who have read my books have enjoyed them and have in some way been inspired or moved by them, and in some ways, that’s enough. But I would very much like to reach more people.

Which means I suppose I’d better get back to my Tweeting…

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