Camp NaNoWriMo, Title Reveal & Instagram!

On the 31st July 2015, I hit 50k words, and won Camp NaNoWriMo! It’s been a very busy month of travelling and working, so I was very pleased to hit my target, despite being so far behind on my wordcount earlier that week. The story wasn’t quite finished at that point, so I continued writing and I finished it at the 54k word mark just yesterday.

As a winner of Camp NaNo, I received my certificate, and by posting it here, I am revealing the title of the new book, which came to me during a mediation on the last day of Camp.



I had hoped to stay away from using yet another word beginning with ‘re’ for the title, but this word is perfect to describe the theme of this book. As usual, when I began writing it, I had no idea what was going to happen, so the original title I chose just didn’t quite fit when I finished writing.

The editing will begin soon, and I will publish it by October, though if possible, I will publish it sooner. I also want to start writing my next book, I have so many books flying around in my head, impatiently waiting for me to write them!

Yesterday, encouraged by¬†my editor and awesome Angel friend Liz, I started using Instagram. I had tried to use it a while back and just didn’t get how to work it! But I think it makes more sense to me now, and I have posted a few pictures on there so far, I plan to post more on a regular basis. Please do check out my profile and follow me! I will follow you back ūüôā

Will be blogging more often now that I’m not writing too. Look out for my next blog on a Sacred Journey I am taking part in!

Versatile Blogger Award


Last year I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, this year it’s the Versatile Blogger Award! I have been nominated by the wonderful Matt Campbell Nicely, who I know through doing the fabulously fun #FridayPhrases (or #FP for short) on Twitter, where you tweet poems, micro-stories etc. Thank you, Matt, I appreciate the nomination and also all of the retweets!

So, in order to pay it forward, as per the Award rules, I need to nominate 15 bloggers! So here goes:

#1. Drew Chial

#2. Miranda Adams

#3. Julie

#4. Little Miss Money

#5. George Hardwick

#6. Kat

#7. Oleander Plume

#8. Joe Johnson

#9. Liz Lockwood

#10. Unaware but Underlined

#11. Roger Jackson

#12. Joanne Blaikie

#13. Joanna Maciejewska

#14. Graham Milne

#15. Karen Soutar

and one more for luck!

#16. Greg Mischio

I hope you check out all the awesome blogs above!

Now, apparently I need to reveal seven things about myself, that the person who nominated doesn’t know, so here goes:

#1. I have a terrible memory, but I only need to listen to a song a couple of times, and I will know all the lyrics, and be able to sing along (although in a tuneless kind of way)

#2. I used to have pet slow worms (they’re like mini snakes) and lizards as a child . My cats would catch them, and I would look after them for a bit until they had healed, then release them again. I have a photo of me kissing one of the slow worms.

#3. I used to have a physical reaction to any kind of public speaking (bright red cheeks, stuttering, jelly knees, shaking hands) until 2012 when I used EFT to get over it. I now love speaking in public, to small and large groups. It’s usually hard to get me to shut up.

#4. I have a weird diet. I’ve always been a veggie, but I am also gluten-free, caffeine-free, mostly lactose free and very rarely drink alcohol.

#5. I have had prophetic dreams. Sometimes they are literal, and sometimes metaphorical. I dread dreaming of tornadoes.

#6. My favourite books as a child were the Sweet Valley books, by Francine Pascal. I used to dream of living in California, and always wanted a twin sister.

#7. Seven is my lucky number. Numerologically, it is my birth date number, and it is also the number for this year. It’s also Harry Potter’s Quidditch number!

Thank you again, Matt, and thank you to all the bloggers who make life more interesting. You’re all awesome. xx


I Libboo, do you?

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Discovered a book website last week, called The idea is that authors put their books on there, then readers sign up to become ‘buzzers’. They then ‘buzz’ the books to their social media sites and the more ‘buzz hits’ … Continue reading


You can leave your hat on!

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I did my writing 4Sight at the Ross on Wye 4Networking meeting yesterday, and had a fantastic time! I didn’t do the full monty, though Phil did mention an author who likes to write in the nude… Anyway! Crazy hats … Continue reading

A new interview from Aria!

Aria was interviewed by the World Literacy Cafe (the lucky Faerie!) and her interview has just gone live!

Simply click here to read it, otherwise she’ll get upset!

You may have to sign up for an account to read it, but it’s quick and easy and will be worth it, I promise!

The Kindness just keeps coming!

Had another tweet today, from Sofia Quintero¬†telling me about the Sugar Cube Factory. It’s a fantastic concept, and I love the video. They have a project on Kickstarter, and with just 10 days to go they need more funding, so please go along to their project page and donate a few dollars if you can!

Life Vest Inside

Don’t you just love synchronicity? Just as I’m beginning to spread the word about my new blog – Indie Acts of Kindness, I receive a Tweet from an organisation called Life Vest Inside, with a link to their video on Youtube – which is all about kindness. I watched it immediately and loved it, and I have put the video here for you to see because I know you will love it too.

Duelling Poets

For thirty days, I duelled with another poet. Each day, one of us would set a topic, and by midnight we would have to produce a poem on said topic. It was quite a challenge, considering I hadn’t written much poetry in years. He however, is a professional poet, and you can find his books on Kindle here.

So after those 30 days, we decided to embark on another challenge, no topics this time, but the poem would have to be Tweet-sized, and posted on Twitter every day with the hashtag Р#duellingpoets 

So if you want to follow our duel, just search for us, and perhaps start your own duel!

February 2012

It’s a month into the new year, and I have not been posting every week, I know! But I have been very busy! Editing, setting up a publishing business, quitting my job, going on holiday, sorting out my art studio and desk… and that’s all just in the last six weeks! I knew this year would be a busy one, but it has already exceeded my expectations of busyness.

I have spent the entire day in front of two laptops doing research, Tweeting, and setting up the basics of the new publishing business. I know that in order to make money with the business and sell a few copies of my books I need to be on the social networking sites and make myself known, but I miss the times when I would go on my computer to actually write! I know, I’m complaining about social networking on my blog, don’t worry, the irony of that hasn’t escaped me. I’m not really complaining as much as commenting on the fact that I spend more time on my computer than I ever used to, and yet my productivity as a writer is so much lower than it used to be too.

But would there even be any point in writing my next book if I didn’t do the networking now to guarantee some readers?

I guess the answer to that depends on how important it is to me that people read my words. I know that those who have read my books have enjoyed them and have in some way been inspired or moved by them, and in some ways, that’s enough. But I would very much like to reach more people.

Which means I suppose I’d better get back to my Tweeting…