Psychic Night with Julie Angel Guest in Malvern

On the 27th June, I went to a Psychic Night in Malvern, with my mum. The Psychic Medium was Julie Angel Guest, a lady I met several years ago, but hadn’t got round to having a reading with.

The evening was nicely paced, starting out with Julie explaining what it is that she does and how she started out. Then she started the readings with some information that had come through linked to the people who had arrived first. She gave messages from Spirit, as well as read people’s auras and gave them readings based on the colours.

My friend who has passed away came through, making a lot of noise as he did so! She described him and the way he passed accurately, then he stepped aside and my Nan came through. Julie described how she passed and that she couldn’t communicate towards the end. She said that I was taking steps in the right direction at the moment. Then Julie started imitating typing, and said she could see a lot of text and would say that it looked like I was writing a book, at this point I couldn’t help but laugh. Julie gave me several more messages, and also accurately said that caffeine really doesn’t agree with me and that I should avoid it. (I haven’t had anything with caffeine in it for about eight years now)

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and for £12, it was excellent value.  The session was three hours long and Julie did her best to make sure that everyone who attended got a message or a reading. I will certainly be going along to the next one, and would recommend that you look at Julie’s website to see if she’s doing a psychic night near you.

Hopefully going to another Psychic Night tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes!

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