No fingernails left…

I’m waiting at the moment to receive feedback from four people who are reading the first draft of The Elphite right now. I know I will have to be patient, it may be a few days before they get back to me, but I’m quite nervous to see what they think!

With less than three months until my intended release date, there’s not much time to work on it, so let’s hope that they like it! I also have Alex Watts working on the cover for it, very excited to see what he designs.

I’ve also decided to write my next book in November for Nanowrimo. It’s going to be another stand-alone story. There will be more Earth Angel books, but not until Spring next year at the earliest.

At the moment I am enjoying a very chilled out weekend, the calm before the madness that is the rest of September. I will be posting details about my next events soon.

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