I’m inspired!

I watched Wayne Dyer’s ‘Excuses Begone’ DVD today. And the most inspiring part of it was the performance on the drums by Dan Caro.  I won’t repeat his story here, please go to his website or watch the video below. But I will say this, what Dan Caro experienced as a young child was horrific, and yet he views it as a gift. A gift that has enabled him to live up to his highest potential.

If we could see our obstacles and problems as gifts, then our lives could be as amazing as his.


I would also like to mention another inspirational man, who also lived life to the full, Tinka Mann. Tinka was a very happy, cheerful man, who created some fantastic pieces of art at Swancrafts Studio in Monmouth. Sadly, he has just passed away, but he will always be remembered as an inspiration to everyone who met him.

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