Mind Body & Soul Weekend

Spent last weekend at the Kempton Park Mind Body & Soul Weekend. Many brave souls came out to see us in the wild weather, and I met some beautiful Earth Angels! As well as customers, I saw some old friends and made some new with the exhibitors there. I actually remembered to take photos this time, so here they are 🙂

My stand:

The Amethyst Angel


My next door neighbour and purveyor of beautiful crystals; Richard Scull of Crystal Planet.

Crystal Planet


My other next door neighbour, and very talented artist, John Wakefield:

John Wakefield


My opposite neighbours, Carol Carbine,

Carol Carbine


and Erika, of the Lamenting Wolf.

The Lamenting Wolf


And here are a few of my favourites: Samjhana Moon of Goddess Portraiture;

Goddess Portaiture


Harpinder Bilkhu of Lyran Arts:

Lyran Arts

and Katalin Swann, Empowerment Coach, The Aroma Tree Company and Cheryl Mcavoy, Angel Artist.

Please check out there websites and see their beautiful merchandise! They are all lovely Earth Angels and I feel blessed to have spent the weekend with them.

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