Launch of The Amethyst Angel website

the amethyst angel

For the last year, I have been assisting fellow Indie Authors with their publishing ventures. Myself and my editor, Elizabeth Lockwood, under the name of Purple Self-Publishing Services, were helping them with editing, proofreading and formatting their books, as well as helping with cover design and the actual publishing process, in print and online. Recently I have decided to revert back to my business name, The Amethyst Angel, which is also my publishing imprint name.

Instead of just offering guidance and assistance on the publishing side, however, I wanted to create something of a community of Indie Authors, who help each other in the selling and marketing process, to make the whole process just a little less lonely. So I have created my new site, and on it, I have featured the authors that I or Elizabeth have helped, and their books. The website will grow and evolve, as we help more and more authors, and as the community builds.

Being an Indie Author does not have to be a solitary, lonely venture. Let’s join together and make the journey together! If you are an Indie Author, or you would like to be, please do get in touch, I love to chat!

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