Book Crossing Book Tour!


As an Indie Author/Publisher, I have inevitably ended up with copies of my books that are unsaleable for various reasons. I had a box of books destroyed by a courier (bent pages, ruined spines etc) and have had books returned from shops that have closed that are too beaten up to sell as new. I thought about selling these books at a discount when I do fairs, but then offering a damaged product didn’t appeal to me. As a book lover, I like to get a nice shiny copy when I buy a book, so I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I thought about just giving them away, but then I remembered The concept is that you register a book, get a code, put the code in the book, and then release the book into ‘the wild’. The book is then picked up, read by someone, and they can log in with the code to say where they found the book, and what they thought of it, then they pass it on to someone else.

I thought this might be a fun way to get my books out there, but also an alternative kind of book tour! So I have registered four copies of The Doorway to PAM, and I have put a post-it note on the front of each book, saying that it is free. I have stuck a label inside, that says the book is on tour and what it’s Book Crossing code is.

I hope that people find them, pick them up, read them and then pass them on. And if I get a few more Amazon reviews that would be a nice bonus too!

I will be releasing these four books this week, and in the spirit of the book, I will be leaving one in a cinema, one in a tearoom, one in a pub, and one in a hotel. I thought about starting them from different locations, but as I don’t have a car at the moment, that may be a bit tricky, so I have decided to start them all in Monmouth, and then I can track to see just how far they travel! I will update their locations once I have released them, you can see them on my bookshelf on

My label:

bookcrossing label

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