The Angels and Faeries are with us always, in all ways

Have you asked the Angels for help today? Or the Faeries? Because they are just waiting for you to say the words. I realised today that I had been getting overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do, and the size of my expanding to-do list, and yet I had forgotten to ask for the Angels to help me!

I liked the idea in Ask and it is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. You get a piece of paper, divide it in half, and in one half you write the tasks you need to do, and in the other half you write the tasks that the universe can take care of for you. Esther said that often she would find that those tasks would be taken care of by someone else, making her feel less overwhelmed.

I also decided that instead of having a to-do list, I should have a list of tasks that I would like the Angels to help me with. I created this on Vistaprint, and I may have to order some! You can get notepads printed on there quite cheaply.

angel pad

During the photoshoot my sister did of me, a few of the photos had some interesting light formations on them, and though they are likely to just be the sunlight hitting the lens at an interesting angle, I’d like to think that the little purple lights in this one are Faeries:


And that the violet beam of light going through my body to the bright light in my sacral is healing from the Angels:


I’d love to hear about your Angel and Faerie encounters, or even the ways that you like to communicate with them. Please comment below if you wish to share 🙂

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