I would like to thank my sponsors…

So very thankful for the amazing people who are supporting the I’m Here Book Tour!

I'm Here Book Tour

… because they rock!

Without them, the I’m Here Book Tour would not be possible. They are the following awesome people:


Liz Chukwu, author of Kismet. Liz is such a beautiful soul, and is always so encouraging and supportive. When I told her my idea for the book tour, she immediately offered to help make it a reality. Thank you so much, Liz.


Without madappledesigns, the covers for my books wouldn’t be so amazing, and I am so very thankful for my awesome sister, who is the genius mad apple 🙂


Peace of Stone has generously sponsored the tour, and they are also going to be a distributor of the free eBooks, so with every purchase in the shop throughout June, you will be offered a free copy. Peace of Stone will also be the first to stock the print versions of the new Visionary Collection, and they…

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