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I'm Here Book Tour

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The I’m Here Book Tour was a complete experiment, a new way to market my latest book and have a bit of fun with it. So far, over 4000 cards have been distributed, by 20 dedicated fans, which has resulted in just over 120 downloads so far in nine countries and ten glowing 5* reviews. The tour was sponsored by 6 beautiful individuals and businesses, please do check out their websites by clicking on the logos on the right side of each page on this site. I have also seen an increase in the sales of my other books, and have had a few sign-ups to my mailing list (to get the bonus ending).

I have decided not to limit the time that the tour will run, and will keep the free download going indefinitely. If you are following this blog and haven’t got your copy yet, you can get…

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A Magickal Adventure…

First Words

Hello! How utterly different life can become in such a short space of time. As I mentioned in my last blog post, it was time to begin a new chapter in my life, as my Twin Flame and I parted ways. I didn’t blog during our last couple of weeks together, as apart from being busy packing and seeing friends before I left, I was feeling quite raw emotionally, and didn’t know how to share that with you without losing it completely. Leaving last Tuesday was one of the hardest things I have done in my life so far, as I know anyone out there who has met their Flame will understand. It took a long time to finally let go, and to drive away. Despite having come back together again in the past, there was a feeling that it really would be the last time we would be together in that way, which made it harder still.

But I did leave, and I made my way to my nan’s house, near Bournemouth, where I stayed the night, then after stowing some of my belongings in her garage, I continued on to Brighton. Despite feeling tired and a bit weepy, I found my way, and managed to find a car park and the place where I had been offered somewhere to sleep for the night. That evening I was invited to dinner by my beautiful fan and now very good friend, Chip Jenkins. We ate and discussed our Flames, and had a very girly evening that went on into the early hours! I presented her with her prize for being such a fabulous distributor for the I’m Here Book Tour, which she was thrilled with.

Brighton Seafront

On Thursday, I started my mission of finding some part-time work that will keep things flowing while I write my next book, and I fell in love with the tiny streets full of independent, funky shops. I met lots of people, including the awesome couple who own and run Chocaffinitea (if you are in the area, you need to visit them and try the reindeer tea!), Hannah, a lovely girl (definitely an incarnated elemental) who works in Lush, a tarot reader in RT Home, Sascha, the psychic lady in Bell, Book and Candle and many others! By the end of the day, I had got myself a work trial lined up, in a little cafe in the south laines. I had also found a possible room to rent, and lined up a viewing for later in the day.

Because I had a few hours before the viewing, I decided to visit Lewes, because there were possible jobs there too, as well as rooms to rent. I had a nice little wander around and had food in Bill’s restaurant. Though Lewes was very picturesque, it just didn’t have the same energy as Brighton, and I decided then that I would rather live in Brighton if it was possible. I viewed the room later in the evening, and after chatting to the landlord for so long, it was getting late so I ended up couchsurfing there!

The following day, I did my work trial, and upon the completion of it was offered a position, which I happily accepted, and because my new boss is such a sweet guy, he offered his currently empty driveway to me as a parking place for my car! Later in the afternoon, I found myself back in RT Home, (after celebrating my new job with reindeer tea first of course!) and chatted again to the tarot reader. While chatting about how I had a job, now I just needed a place to live, the lady who owns the shop, Joni, joined in the conversation to say that she had a room she was renting out that she hadn’t got round to advertising yet. So later on Friday evening, after a tasty dinner in the Harvester on the seafront, I went to Joni’s house to see the room.

Yet again, I was there for so long, that Joni very kindly offered I stay there for the night (having been unable to find a couchsurfing place for the weekend) and so after a crazy little journey to retrieve my car, park it on my new bosses driveway, then get the bus back here, I stayed in the room for the night.

By the morning, I told Joni that if she was happy to have me there, I’d love to rent it.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

My new Home

So in two and a half days, I found a job, a room to rent, and a place to park my car. I was actually quite impressed! I seem to have much more energy here, and things are just flowing so well, I really couldn’t have predicted any of this. It seems that I really have been paddling upstream for the last few months, and now, as I go with the flow, it is all clicking into place.

The spiritual community and writing scene in Brighton seems to be pretty extensive, with events and meetings happening all the time. I plan on attending as many as possible, and really getting involved. In fact, later tonight I will be checking out a writing group, so I will let you know how that goes! Now that my computer is back in its rightful place on my desk, and I have settled in, I will get back to my regularly scheduled blogging!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! Until next time…

Visionary Collection – Now in Paperback!

The Visionary Collection is now available from Amazon in paperback! Not only do they have beautiful new covers, but they have also had another edit, so there have been many minor changes, though the stories of course have remained the same. The Doorway to PAM also includes a bonus at the back – the mini non-fiction book I wrote – Choose Your Own Reality. It also features the recipe for the famous Cherry and Coconut cake mentioned in the story.

Visionary Collection

I’m so pleased that I’m Here is now available in paperback, it feels more real now! The I’m Here Book Tour is still continuing, and I have been getting more download notifications, you can keep up to date by checking out the News section on the website. Now I have released the paperbacks, I will be doing the distributor prize draw in the next week, so I will keep you posted!

There have been a great many changes taking place over the last week in my life, and I will write some blog posts about it soon, but I want to just say to all the Earth Angels out there who may be sensitive to these shifting energies – hang in there. I was lucky enough to have my very supportive Angel friends around me this week, helping me to see the light in what felt like absolute darkness, and without them, things would have seemed completely hopeless. So if you find yourself in the darkness, reach out to someone who can help you to turn on the light. Don’t stumble in the dark on your own.

And if there is no one close by, then send me a message. Let me help you find the light again. xx


I’m Here at the Healing Weekend

Had such a wonderful time with some beautiful souls!

I'm Here Book Tour

I have just spent a beautiful, magical weekend with Jon at the Healing Weekend, which was held in the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre. We had a wonderful time, and met some fabulous souls! I also gave out a few cards, and have already had a few book downloads 🙂 I plan on booking a stand there for next year, so I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Some magical moments from the weekend:

I'm Here with Nicki Parkin-Jones I’m Here with Nicki Parkin-Jones

We met Nicki when we took part in her workshop on Saturday – Shamanic Journey to Your Future Self, which was an amazing experience! She makes beautiful felted cushions and blankets, and is a wonderfully down-to-earth soul.

I'm Here with Andrea of Moksha! I’m Here with Andrea of Moksha!

Had a wonderful chat and a good giggle with Andrea of Moksha Jewels. She makes beautiful Gemstone Guardians, and is a delightful angelic soul! Please check out her…

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I’m Here in West Wales!

I'm Here Book Tour

In my last post, I mentioned Annette, who is a very good friend and fan of my books. She had been giving the tour cards out in Rome, when she went there on holiday with my dad. Annette lives in West Wales, and she has been busy giving the cards out in that area too. So here are some more awesome pictures from Annette 🙂 You can pick up a book tour card in Emlyn Antiques Centre too.

I'm Here with Aiden and Lisa at Newcastle Emlyn Antiques I’m Here with Aiden and Lisa at Emlyn Antiques Centre, Newcastle Emlyn

I'm Here with Daoni Organic Milk at the Newcastle Emlyn Food Festival I’m Here with Daioni Organic Milk at the Newcastle Emlyn Food Festival

I'm Here with Mary at University of Wales Trinity St David in Swansea I’m Here with Mary at University of Wales Trinity St David in Swansea

Big thank you again to Annette, and to all my fabulous distributors who are doing an amazing job, I love you all. xx

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The Healing Weekend


I’m very excited about the fact that a week today, I will be at the Healing Weekend at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue. I have missed out on going to this for the last three years, due to work/lack of planning/other engagements, so I am really pleased that I will be there this year! A whole three days of being outside, of camping, unplugging (yes, I plan on leaving the phone and computer at home!!) and being surrounded by beautiful souls sounds like heaven to me!

I’m also excited to see Flavia Kate again, the beautiful lady who has made my hair sparkle for the last three years, and I hope to attend her Faerie workshops. I get the feeling that I may need to take my wings 🙂

I am looking forward to celebrating, relaxing, having great conversations and meeting some fabulous people.

I look forward to seeing you there!


I’m Here Soundtrack

As you can see in the menu above, I like to put together music that I think would be great on the soundtracks of the movie version of my books. For I’m Here, I decided to do it slightly differently, and put together a soundtrack for the book, a song for each chapter. I have put it together as a playlist on youtube, and on each song I have said which chapter it corresponds to. You could listen to the music while reading the book, as the songs I have chosen set the scene for what is happening. Weirdly, the song ‘Long Days’ even has a music video that relates really well to the story too.

You can find the playlist on Youtube or by clicking below. Please let me know what you think!

I’m Here in Rome!

I'm Here Book Tour

My dad and his friend Annette went to Rome last week, and they did an awesome job of giving out the I’m Here tour cards! Here are the photos they took:

Giving out the cards in Bristol Airport Duty Free!

I’m Here in Rome with a lady from Nebraska and a lady from Denmark!

I’m Here in the Santa Maria degli Angeli with a lady from Florida

I’m Here in Pompeii!

A huge thank you to dad and Annette for giving out the cards and for taking the tour to Rome! A big thank you to Annette for sponsoring the tour too. It is massively appreciated.

There is still time to be a distributor for the tour (I have a few cards left!) and by doing so, you would be entered into the awesome prize draw!  Just drop me an email to let me know you are interested 🙂

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Opening Event in Aid of Macmillan

Poppies Tea Room

On Sunday (22nd June) I will be in the Crown Hotel in Whitchurch, for the opening of the Poppies Arts and Crafts, which is in the Poppies Tea Room. Though I won’t yet have the paperback copies of the Visionary Collection with me, I will have plenty of free I’m Here eBook cards to give away, as well as some copies of my books with the old covers, which I will be selling at a discount, (to make room for the new covers) and 40% of the price will be going to Macmillan.

There will be plenty of tea and cake and a raffle too, so if you’re in the area, drop by, it starts at 4pm!

Distributor Prizes :)

If you would like to win any of these, email me to become a distributor!

I'm Here Book Tour

As mentioned before, I will be entering everyone who has distributed the tour cards into a prize draw to win some fab prizes, and today I managed to photograph them all! If you would like to be in with a chance to win, you can still become a distributor in the tour just by emailing me. It wont cost you anything except for some time and enthusiasm!

So here they are:

First Prize:

A signed set of the newly released Visionary Collection! A signed set of the newly released Visionary Collection!

Second Prize:

A handmade bracelet featuring a quote from The Elphite. A handmade bracelet featuring a quote from The Elphite.

Third Prize:

A beautiful leather diary, with a metal coin that says ‘Destiny’ attached.

Pen not included :) Pen not included 🙂

I am alive. I am awake. I am loved. I am alive.
I am awake.
I am loved.

Fourth Prize:

A large black PAM's Bar t-shirt, which was made for the launch of The Doorway to PAM in 2011 A large black PAM’s Bar t-shirt, which was made for the launch of The Doorway to PAM in 2011

As modelled by my gorgeous partner :) As modelled by my gorgeous partner 🙂

Fifth Prize:

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