I’m Here in Rome!

I'm Here Book Tour

My dad and his friend Annette went to Rome last week, and they did an awesome job of giving out the I’m Here tour cards! Here are the photos they took:

Giving out the cards in Bristol Airport Duty Free!

I’m Here in Rome with a lady from Nebraska and a lady from Denmark!

I’m Here in the Santa Maria degli Angeli with a lady from Florida

I’m Here in Pompeii!

A huge thank you to dad and Annette for giving out the cards and for taking the tour to Rome! A big thank you to Annette for sponsoring the tour too. It is massively appreciated.

There is still time to be a distributor for the tour (I have a few cards left!) and by doing so, you would be entered into the awesome prize draw!  Just drop me an email to let me know you are interested 🙂

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