Gluten-free Carrot Cake Recipe

At the request of some friends on Facebook, I have decided to post my famous Carrot Cake recipe for you to try yourself. I must admit, it’s just a mixture of two or three recipes I found online (don’t ask me where though, I have no idea) and I have refined it to suit myself, and added gluten-free flour so it doesn’t give me a bad tummy! You could of course use normal flour with it if you wanted to.

Carrot Cake Recipe


Cake mixture:

Mix the following together in a bowl:

275g Sugar (brown or white or a combination)

200ml Sunflower Oil


4 Eggs

300g Grated Carrots

150g Dried Fruit/Nuts

Mix together:

225g (Gluten free) Self-Raising Flour

1tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Mixed Spice

And add to the rest. Then add:

A few tbsp. of orange juice

Orange Zest

 Bake for 25-30 mins at 180C (depending on oven, depth of tin etc.)

You can put all the mixture in a deep, loose bottom tin, or in two shallow tins and then sandwich together with the frosting.


Mix together:

150g Cream Cheese

150g Icing Sugar

I must warn you though, this cake is so good, that less than 24 hours later, you will end up with this:



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