The Art Of Waiting

I used to pride myself on being a very patient person. But something has shifted in the last few years, and now I can’t bear the gap of waiting for someone to act, for something to grow, for something to happen. I know most people would say that it’s because everyone wants instant gratification these days and has no patience, but I think it could be more that because so many things are instant now – online messages, online banking, 3D printing etcetera, we have actually become conditioned to expect things to happen instantly.

It wasn’t that long ago, that if we wanted to send someone a message, we had to write it on paper, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and send it, then wait patiently for it to arrive, and then for them to find the time to write a reply and send it back. Even when email was in its infancy, we didn’t expect people to reply immediately, after all, most people didn’t check their email every day.

But now, if it takes more than a few hours for someone to reply, we think they’re ignoring us. If someone reads our FB message, but doesn’t reply immediately after reading, then we KNOW they’re ignoring us.

The funny thing is, we expect everything to happen instantly, but when it comes to manifesting the life we want, the car we want, the body we want, or the relationship we want, we expect it to take time. In fact, we often don’t even believe it’s even possible.

Yet we do believe that our lives can change in an instant for the worse. A loved one could die in an accident, or be diagnosed with an illness. A weather disaster or fire could take away our homes, our possessions. We could get fired, or lose our money in an investment.

I don’t think I’m alone in my impatience, but I do think that it has impacted my life in a negative way. I get bored very easily, having lost my patience for the process. I like to do things in the moment I have the idea or motivation to do them, rather than wait for a more appropriate time. I hate trial and error, I want to spend my time doing things and making things that I know will work.

But it means that I find it hard to relax, to meditate, to do one thing at a time instead of six, and to be honest, it makes me far less productive. It also means I have a bad memory. Because I am not fully present in my tasks. I will absentmindedly read an email, get sidetracked, then forget the email exists, and never reply. Whereas if I opened my emails at a time where I am focused on reading and replying to emails only, then there wouldn’t be any going unanswered.

Is it possible to reprogram patience and focus into our lives? I’d like to think so. Otherwise, we might just find that our lives have slipped by while we were impatiently waiting for the next thing to happen.

The bluebell never waits, it just enjoys the moment…

Merry Christmas!


Hello Beautiful Earth Angels!

I just wanted to write a short post to say Merry Christmas and to wish you a lovely holiday spent with friends and family, eating good food and hopefully getting some gifts you love.

It has been the craziest, busiest year of my life so far, and I plan to do a reflection post around New Years’, of all that has happened, and all that I plan to do in 2017.

I have met some of the most amazing people this year, who I consider to be friends for life now, and despite some of the stress and craziness, I wouldn’t change any of it!

Better get to sleep before Santa arrives, hopefully I’ve been a good enough girl this year!

Check out my Instagram for pictures of my baking adventures today, it’s been a busy one. If you get a Kindle tomorrow, be sure to check out my books on Amazon if you haven’t read them yet!

So much love and light to you all, see you in the new year.



Famous Banana Pancake Recipe

I warned you I would start posting recipes, didn’t I? Well, this is a special recipe, because I’m quite famous for it! It’s ludicrously simple and incredibly yummy, and is gluten-free and vegan too!

To make it a tiny bit more interesting, I have done it as a photo recipe. Enjoy! (let me know if you try it and love it!) It make about 3 small pancakes. I have a tiny one-egg frying pan which is perfect 🙂

Ingredients! (Choc spread optional, leave it out to make vegan, obviously)


Mash the banana with a fork


Until it looks like this


Add some gluten free self raising flour (or normal flour if you're weird)

Add some gluten-free self-raising flour (or normal flour if you’re weird)


Mash the flour into the banana

Mash the flour into the banana


Keep adding flour and mashing it in until the mixture is so thick the fork stands up (or you get bored of mashing)

Keep adding flour and mashing it in until the mixture is so thick the fork stands up (or you get bored with mashing)


Add some water this was too much water, add a small amount at a time)

Add some water (this was too much water, add a small amount at a time)





Mixey mash the water in until it looks lumpy and runny like this.

Mixey mash the water in until it looks lumpy and runny like this.

Put some coconut oil in the pan and let it heat up a bit

Pour some mixture in and cook on very low heat until it starts bubbling then flip it  (if you have done a very thick one, then you may need to flip it while it's still runny on the top)

Pour some mixture in and cook on very low heat until it starts bubbling then flip it (if you have done a very thick one, then you may need to flip it while it’s still runny on the top)





Add favourite toppings, then consume.

You’re welcome! Oh and if you want to make enough for friends, simply add more bananas and more flour and more water. Yeah, it’s that scientific… you could add chocolate powder to the mix too…

Where Do Our Ambitions Come From?

This post wasn’t on my list to write, but I just had a realisation about twenty minutes ago, which I needed to write about.

Do you know where your ambitions came from? Do you know why you wanted to do the work you do? Have the relationships you have? Why you love some things and hate others? Most people would say that our conditioning and programming comes mostly from our family and from teachers and friends who are around us when we’re growing up. That’s why we end up dating replicas of our parents, because it’s what we know.

Well I just realised that my desire to have my own business, and my love of stationery and packing up goods into boxes and sending them out, came from a movie.

Yes, that’s right. A movie. And they say that media doesn’t have that much impact on us? The movie was my favourite, I have no idea how many times I watched it, but I know it was many times. It was called Baby Boom. It was about a high-powered business woman who ends up with a baby girl after her cousin dies, and who ends up leaving her job in New York and moving to Vermont, where she ends up starting her own baby food business.

Baby-Boom-Movie-Poster-1987Thinking about it, that may have been the beginning of my love of New York and New England too…

Anyway, my favourite parts of the movie were when her business is taking off and she is sending out jars of the baby food in brown boxes with the custom Country Baby label on them. I remember being fascinated by the idea of running a business, and I remember wanting to do that myself.

Now of course, I may have still wanted to do that, whether I had watched that movie or not, but it makes you wonder if it wasn’t that movie that planted the seed in my mind.

Was my interest in aliens and ghosts started by watching Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, ET and Ghost? Was my love of fantasy and sci-fi started by watching the Goonies, the Neverending Story, Hook or Back to the Future? Was it all the many movies I watched set in America that created my love of the US and created my desire to visit there and even live there?

I have no way of knowing the answers to those questions, but it does make you wonder how much of our lives are shaped by the media that we consume at a young age, and it makes me wonder how kids now will turn out in years to come, with the sheer volume of media they are exposed to. A few 80s and 90s movies are nothing compared to the movies, TV shows, games and YouTube videos that are available to watch now.

Just something to ponder, I didn’t have any conclusion to make from this realisation, I just wanted to share it! And if you’re wondering why I suddenly has this realisation, it’s because Baby Boom is currently on Netflix!


How Time Flies!

12914843_10153321894867163_755225151_oFive years ago today, myself and my partner’s three kids buried four jars around the garden, containing notes and drawings and things that represented our lives in that moment in time. We then drew a treasure map, and decided that we would dig them up on the 26th March 2016.


The weather is terrible, but we went out in the rain in our wellies with a spade, and Luc and I dug up our capsules. The girls will be around later next week, so they will dig theirs up then.




12904006_10153321893472163_1848713509_oMine was easy to find, as I had tucked it into the hollow of a tree, and then placed a tribal metal face to protect it.




12903753_10153321893162163_1839105323_oLuc’s was a little more interesting to find! We knew which tree it was, and roughly where, but in no time at all, the spade hit a rock. A giant rock. That didn’t move. A little bit confused, we dug around it, and gradually it started moving.






12919574_10153321892287163_1116490572_o12899411_10153321891997163_1771774849_oAll the while, we were questioning whether we really would have placed a giant rock over the jar! We had to get a crowbar in the end, to help us ease the rock out, which had actually become attached to the tree root! We managed to lift it out (how we put it in there five years ago, I have no idea) and then with a little more digging. we found Luc’s jar. Phew!





Muddy and wet, we hosed the jars off, and then came back in to reveal the contents. Luc was only seven years old then, so his jar contained adorable drawings of the things he liked at the time. And a message from his sister!






My jar contained lots of bits, including three lucky stars I had tucked tiny notes into, a haiku, an affirmation card, my lucky golden cat, an almondy tart label, (I loved it!), a Lindt white chocolate wrapper, the February calendar, and a lucky penny!


12919542_10153321887367163_173686854_oI also had a note in there about me at that time as well as some pretty wise advice to my 32-year-old self! (the date on the note is the 27th February, because that’s when we created the time capsules, but we didn’t bury them until the 26th March, because we were waiting for Jon to fill his jar, but he never did!)

12919591_10153321886772163_1869404965_o (1)

Some of my predictions have come true, when we did this in 2011, I had yet to publish any books, and wasn’t anywhere near being a well-known author! We plan to create and bury another time capsule, (or several) to be dug up in another five years’ time, when I will be 37… scary!

Would highly recommend doing this, especially with kids, as five years is a long time, and it’s fun to look back at what they loved! When creating it, they might not understand why it’s fun or important, but when they dig it up, it’s like time travelling back to that moment.

Just don’t place massive rocks on top that will get entangled in tree roots!

Birthday Gratitude

I know, I can hardly believe it either – it’s my birthday again! I just re-read my birthday post from 2015, and wow, what a different place I was in then. You’ll be pleased to know that I did get slippers, in fact, I have gone through a few pairs since then, because they don’t last very long in a house with wooden floors!

On my last birthday, I remember being in a slightly darker place, where I was struggling and feeling like things weren’t happening. This year, I feel like I am in a completely different space, even though there hasn’t been any dramatic shifts in circumstance, energetically, things have changed. Progress has been steady and organic and heading in an upward trend.

I think the biggest difference is the gratitude I feel for everything in my life, the good, and the so-called bad. It’s all happened for a reason, and I can see now that it was all perfect. Of course, we always see these things in hindsight, but I’m learning to see things as perfect even when they’re happening and they don’t feel good!

After I officially launched my first class in the online Earth Angel Training Academy, I went for a frosty birthday walk in the woods, and took a few pictures before my phone decided it was too cold and stopped working! My mouth was open in awe the whole time at the beautiful scenes around me, and the cold made me so grateful for my warm clothes!

Here’s a few of the pictures, including a spider’s web I photographed in town yesterday.

I can honestly say, that I cannot wait to see what this year brings. It’s going to be magical!

Favourite Christmas Recipe

One of the holiday foods I have missed the most in the last five years of being gluten-free, is Stollen. I adore marzipan, and I just love the taste of the sweet treat. Why I have never tried to make it myself before now, I have no idea! But it is so very simple, and not only that, but I have also made it vegan and yeast free too!

So if you want a simple, yummy, no dairy, egg or gluten Christmas treat, then this is your lucky day! Apologies for not posting actually in time for Christmas, I was too busy eating it! Continue reading

Catching the Hogwarts Express…

It’s September 1st! Time to get to King’s Cross, and run through the wall to Platform 9 3/4 to catch the train to Hogwarts.

DSCN2237 DSCN2233

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost the plot, I promise. I have just decided that as of today, I am going to invite more magic into my life on a daily basis. I have been much more aware of the magical nature of the forest, as I have been seeking out magical things to photograph and post on Instagram, but I think it’s important to bring magic into everything I do. Especially the things that I’m not so fond of doing!

I think that so much more is possible when we are in a state of excitement and enjoyment and feeling like things are magical. More opportunities arrive, things go more smoothly, ideas flow easily and everything just seems like a lot more fun.

Thanks to the dismal British non-summer, I have taken to wearing my extreme-crocheted helmet-hat, which I made the other day. Somehow, knowing I look a little bit silly, brightens my day. (And it has the added bonus of making my partner laugh when he sees me wearing it!)

Yep, I know I look crazy 🙂

So what do you think? Is it possible to make every day life more magical? Is it possible to bring fun and faerie-silliness into even the most boring of tasks? I would love to know your thoughts!



Hello, it’s Aria! (Yes, I’m a Faerie)

Finally! I have been waiting for ages for Michelle to be too busy to blog and for her to ask me to write one! She keeps saying about creating a blog just for me, but has she done it yet? No! Of course, she’s just too busy. Humph.

Oh, yeah, by the way, it’s Aria. I’m a Faerie. Yep. You read that right. I have dragonfly wings and everything. And I’m a super fast flier. Just ask Linen. If you don’t know who Linen is, and want to know more about just how awesome I am, then you should read Michelle’s book – The Earth Angel Training Academy. I’m one of the main characters, and I have all the best lines. Cos, well, you know. I’m awesome.

So anyway, Michelle is busy editing the new book in the Earth Angel series (which I’m not in, which totally sucks!) and so I said I would take over, though I have no idea what to say, really.

It seems like the weather in the UK is a little messed up at the moment, with far too much rain for summertime, which means that lots of mushrooms have started growing in the woods, which I kind of like, actually. Here’s some cool photos of them, in case you were curious.

wpid-20150816_114108.jpg wpid-20150814_160326.jpg wpid-20150816_113635.jpg

Michelle has started doing a card a day mini readings on Instagram, where she’s also posting lots of funky photos, if you want to follow her, hop on over there. Personally I think she likes Instagram too much, and spends too much time on there that could be spent building my blog, but nevermind. One day, eh?

Until then, I’ll just take over her blog every now and then, though next time, I promise I’ll have something more interesting to say. Maybe. Hopefully. Anyway, have a great day, and don’t forget to say hi to the Faeries when you’re outside. Okay. Love you! Bye!

PS. Let the grass grow!!!


New Video Project

Last weekend, I was very excited to spend a whole day filming a series of videos, titled The Stories Behind the Stories. There were so many tales to tell about the writing and publishing of my novels, about all the weird and wonderful synchronicities that have occurred that I wanted to share them all with you in video format.

Cue a fabulous photographer and videographer called Philip James. We met at a Film Networking event in Brighton, and after reading The Earth Angel Training Academy, Philip got in touch to say he would love to do some videos about the story.

So we met up on Saturday, and took over Tim’s front room. (Tim is actually one of the characters in the Earth Angel series, I met him several years after writing the first book!). We filmed all day, and I haven’t seen much of the footage yet, but it should be fun to watch (I hope!)

And Action!

Tim messing about with a clapperboard

Photo 25-07-2015 13 27 00

Just wanted to post some pictures and a short clip of Tim having fun with the clapper-board!