Spiritual Updates from Source

I’ve been battling over the last few days with my partner’s computer. I’m not an Apple person anyway, but basically, because he had ignored all of the updates, he now has a problem on it that is proving difficult to fix. We’ve had a new hard drive installed, but it still didn’t work. So I have reformatted that and tried reinstalling the operating system, and yet there are still problems. As I write this, it is currently checking the hardware, we shall see what comes of that.

While I don’t wish to bore you with my computer woes, it has made me realise that we are very much like computers. That when we just keep going, ignore essential updates and uploads, it’s only when our system has become out-dated and overwhelmed, are we then forced to stop, forced to fix things, and forced, even to completely reformat and start from scratch.

Isn’t that what illness does? When you haven’t taken a break, haven’t stopped for days, weeks, months, haven’t had a holiday in years, haven’t perhaps eaten right or exercised or taken some time out – your system becomes overwhelmed and your body becomes ill. Which then makes you stop for days or weeks, or even months. But had we taken the time, along the way, to take care of ourselves, to meditate, to receive the necessary spiritual downloads and to just breathe – then we wouldn’t be forced to stop.

My partner has avoided updating the computer for months, and now he has had to put up with being unable to use it for about 3 weeks now. And he, like so many of us, does the same thing with himself. We’re on the go, constantly. Yesterday, while we were waiting for the hard drive to be installed, we visited my sister, then we went to the beach, had ice cream and sat in the sunshine, mainly because there was nothing else we could do – it was an enforced ‘holiday’ from the non-stop work, and we both really relaxed and enjoyed it. But had we not had to fix the computer, we wouldn’t have taken that time out, so you could say that there are blessings in the problems too.

Chilling out in Southerndown

I have been promising myself for a very long time now that I will meditate every day, that I will take time out, but aside from a few weeks at the beginning of the year, I have yet to implement a daily meditation, and my two alarms that I set on my phone to remind me, have become – ‘oh, it’s that time already’ alarms!

I will be working in Scotland this summer, and the location means I will have limited connectivity to the internet, which will mean I will spend much less time online. Other than working, I plan to spend my time writing, walking and relaxing! No doubt I will feel the withdrawal effects of not being as connected to the world, but I am very much looking forward to reconnecting properly with myself.

So if there is something you have been meaning to do to nurture and reconnect with your soul, but you have just been too busy to do it, I invite you to do it now. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, until you’ve finished your to-do list or until you have time off – do it now.

Then let me know if you feel better for it 🙂

Beautiful sunset to end our ‘holiday’


2 comments on “Spiritual Updates from Source

  1. Excellent post, and the analogy is perfect 🙂 The software issues (outdated programming, viruses, and partitions in need of a defragmentation) can be issues too!
    So pleased you had some “enforced” chillout time and hope Scotland is a wonderful balancer (in such beautiful country, how could it not be!?) I’m a bit the same with my reminders: oh, that bleep again, shush, I’m busy….


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