Be Brave

Today a friend shared a video from an Indiegogo campaign, and I was moved to tears by it. The funding is for completing and distributing a film that shows the journey of a man in his twenties, which is cut short when he takes home a bone from a Mayan burial cave. It sounds a little bit crazy, but I truly believe that as we are all made of energy, and all material objects are made of energy, that it’s possible for things to contain the energy of feelings and emotions and even curses.

Years ago, I bought a lucky charm keyring, that I made into a necklace. But whenever I wore it, I would get the worst luck! A few months later, I was attending a crystal healing course when the tutor asked us to bring things in for us to sense the energies of, a practice called psychometry. I took the lucky charm in, and I asked the tutor to see what she sensed. She said that it had been owned before, and the owner had very dark energy which had tainted it. I had bought it new, and didn’t see how that was possible, but after yet more bad luck when wearing it, I soon got rid of it!

Going back to the film, Be Brave looks to be so much more than a documentary about a man’s life. It looks like the kind of film that could actually change your life, and you can see from the video below, that it’s already having that effect, especially on the lives of the family he left behind.

I recommend you check it out, I can’t wait to see it as soon as it’s available to watch.

Visit Indiegogo to see the new campaign video, you can see the original campaign video, when they crowdfunded the making of the documentary, below.


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