Reconnecting with the Goddess

This week, I headed to Glastonbury with my mum, for a few days of much-needed chill out time. We stayed in a gorgeous cottage, the Glastonbury Rose (which I would highly recommend) which fit our needs perfectly. On the first afternoon, we enjoyed the sunshine and visited some of the many funky shops, taking in the beautiful clothes and crystals, then we got some tasty gluten-free and veggie ready meals (it’s funny how ready meals are now such a novelty and a treat!) and we relaxed and watched a movie.

On the Tuesday, with me dressed in my best faerie gear, we headed for the indoor market where I planned to have a reading with a psychic called Mitch Garlington. A friend of a friend had also had a reading with Mitch back in January, and I had appeared in that reading. So I figured I should get one for myself.

The amount of information that Mitch packed into our 20 minutes was quite incredible, and everything I have been told recently was confirmed, as well as my current path. My nan came through with something that I haven’t ever told anyone before. It was an incredible reading, and one of the points he made was that I had a Goddess Spirit Guide who was waiting to work with me, but I had not been letting her through.

Doing our best not to get blown over!

So on our final day, when it was blowing a gale, my mum and I headed for the Tor. My intention was to allow the wind to literally blow away everything I needed to release and let go of, in order to connect with my Spirit Guide, and reconnect with the Goddess within myself. We set off up the hill, and the combination of the steep steps and the wind made it a very slow process. As we expressed out loud all we wanted to release, however, I found my steps getting lighter and lighter, until I found it easy to scale the hill, almost dancing along! Then we turned the corner and the winds hit us full force, and we had to hold onto each other in order to remain upright.

The Gateway to the Goddess

We made it finally to the Tor, where we sheltered from the relentless winds, and in walking through the doorway of the Tor, I intended that I was walking through the gateway to connect with the Goddess.

Once we had caught our breath and become calm again, we set off back down the hill, again holding each other for extra stability, then once we were low enough, the winds died down around us, and we made the rest of the journey with ease.



We made it!


We then visited the Chalice Wells and I found a pendant that perfectly captured the essence of what had just transpired.

The Amethyst Goddess

Afterwards, we felt windswept, yet exhilarated. Getting to the top was such a struggle at times that the view was so much sweeter, and the way home so much easier. The whole journey reminded me of what we go through when we are following our path to accomplish our missions.

At first, the path seems steep, arduous and slow. Then as we let go of everything that holds us back. our step becomes lighter, and we find things flow much more easily. Once we have reached a certain place, we find then that things are thrown at us relentlessly, but in order to reach our desires, we must push ahead, and gather those who believe in us to help and support us. Finally, we reach the top, our desired destination, and we relax and rest, and enjoy the view. Our journey home then, is easy and straightforward, though we do still need the love and support of our friends and family. When we reach the end, which is the same place as the beginning, we realise that we are capable of doing anything that we set our minds to. And that no matter how difficult we perceive things to be, and no matter whether the conditions are right or not, if we wish to do it, then we must persevere.

The next journey after that would hopefully be easier, in that we have the faith in ourselves that we can see things through, that we can get to where we wish to go.

So wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you take away from this post the fact that you can do anything you set your mind to, all you need to do is go for it.


2 comments on “Reconnecting with the Goddess

  1. I love this blog, also love Glastonbury and Chalice Wells. You’ve, spookily, reflected my current journey (and I have a similar Goddess pendant too:) The word ‘perseverance’ came up in a reading today before I read your blog. My cards invited me to look to inspiring people who are manifesting their creative talents and living their dream. You are definitely on my inspiration list Michelle. Shows the universe is making those connections. Thank you:)

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    • It feels as though many people have gone through big shifts in the last couple of weeks, and are on these amazing journeys! Persistence and perseverance are key words for me at the moment, it’s time to show the universe we are going to follow our paths no matter what, so it would be lovely if we received a little assistance in order to do so! Pleased to be able to offer you some inspiration 🙂 Keep creating and following your intuition 🙂


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