Spirit Warrior Interview – Tim Brister


Welcome to the latest post in the Spirit Warrior Series in which I am featuring Spirit Warriors I know. These are men who have made the transition from very ‘normal’ careers, some quite masculine in their nature, to a more spiritual calling. Many men are making this shift from the physical to the meta-physical, and they have allowed me to share their stories with you, in the hopes it will inspire and uplift you, especially if you are thinking of doing the same thing.

The Spirit Warrior I would like to introduce you to is Tim Brister, he is a life coach and the author of With Love.

MG: Tim, can you tell everyone what it was you used to do?

Spirit Warrior:  For thirty years I worked in Financial Services.  In a number of banks, insurance companies and a European stock exchange.  Organisations that were largely male dominated, testosterone overloaded and taking themselves far too seriously.

DSC01572MG: What is it you currently do?

Spirit Warrior:  I am a transformational life coach and a published author.

MG: What inspired the shift?

Spirit Warrior:  Over time, I felt less and less at home in Financial Services, but I didn’t really understand what that really meant.  Meditation unlocked something inside of me which released the flow of love and heartfelt wisdom that led to the creation of my first book.

MG: Were there financial implications? What was it like to go from a regular paycheck to being self-employed?

Spirit Warrior:  Most of my corporate life was as an independent consultant so being self-employed was not new to me but there was a substantial difference between consulting fees and the income I received from coaching and my book.  Over the past years, we’ve been working on a number of other income sources which means that the impact is not so severe.

MG: Did you get support from your friends and family?

Spirit Warrior:  My family’s support continues to be unwavering, for which I’m grateful beyond measure.  My friends are in two camps; firstly, the group that understand what I’m doing and secondly, those that don’t get it at all.  None of my friends are negative, however the group that understand what I’m doing are more supportive than those that don’t get it.

MG: Have you ever been judged, criticised or ridiculed for your decision to transition from the physical to meta-physical?

Spirit Warrior:  Not yet.  Probably because I tend to share less with those that don’t get it, or those that I expect won’t get it.

MG: Have you ever considered returning to your old career?

Spirit Warrior:  I do still provide consulting services in Financial Services but only when I feel that I have something to offer, because that’s when I’m really effective and I really enjoy consulting.  Consulting is no longer on a “need to” basis but on a “choose to” basis.

MG: What gets you through the tough moments?

Spirit Warrior:  Time to meditate and/or exercise to enable me to re-connect with my heart which is the truth of who we all are.

MG: Do you have any advice for other Spirit Warriors who are making the same transition, or are thinking of doing so?

Spirit Warrior:  When the time feels right for you, the transition will begin, you probably won’t notice the transition beginning but you’ll notice after a few days/weeks/months that you’re in a different spiritual place.

MG: Can you share you favourite spiritual practice with us?

Spirit Warrior:  Meditation.  The transformational effect of daily meditation has, for me, been life changing.

MG: Are you more in tune with your inner self? With your intuition?

Spirit Warrior:  Yes.  It’s like night and day, if I look back even as short a time as 3 years, I am so much more intuitive and trusting of myself now.  What’s more it feels like every moment that increases further.

IMG_1885MG: Do you express your feelings and emotions more easily?

Spirit Warrior:  I do.  I find I’m much more open both physically and emotionally, and I feel comfortable sharing me.

MG: What has been the best and worst parts of making this shift?

Spirit Warrior:  The best and worst parts are the same.  There is no going back, which is fabulous because I know that even if there are challenges along the way, these challenges are on the way, they are not sending me back.  However, there have been occasions over the past 15 years when I’ve wondered what it would be like to not know what I have come to know, because life might be easier that way, but I know that there’s no going back!

MG: If you could go back in time and change the past, would you choose to do it all over again?

Spirit Warrior:  Absolutely.

MG: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Spirit Warrior:  Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences and transition.  To all the readers, I wish you a healthy life, filled with love, a life that you feel is an authentic reflection of you and your heart’s wisdom.

MG: Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and with my readers!

If you would like to check out what Tim is doing his links are below. Thank you for reading, there will be another Spirit Warrior featured very soon!



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