Making an Unsplash

I have just started to contribute to Unsplash! If you have no idea what that is, and you’re a blogger or someone who uses images a lot, you need to check it out. is where you can get fabulous, high-resolution images, completely free, no licenses to pay, no fees, no royalties and you don’t even need to credit the photographer. It’s perfect for finding images for quote photos, blogs and websites.

I’ve got back into photography in the last year, and I have so many images, many of which I will never do anything with, so I have decided to start uploading them to Unsplash and offering them for use for free.

At least then, they will have a purpose! It also feels like a way of giving back, as I have used Unsplash images and it feels good to do an exchange! (Though that’s not necessary, you can use the images as you wish without any exchange needed)

You can see (and like and download) my images on my profile on Unsplash. Comment below if you use it, or will be using it now you know about it!

Here’s an unsplash image by Dustin Lee:


3 comments on “Making an Unsplash

  1. Great site Michelle, thanks for the introduction to Unsplash. I shall definitely be visiting:) Makes me want a better camera!! Love your pictures, we have similar woodland tastes.

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