Hang on to your hats

So three years ago, I filmed and released the episode below of Season 2 EarthAngelTV, about how we were ‘reality hopping’ and how a circle of friends and I had set the intention to merge realities so that we each became whole beings again.

Well we have been doing a considerable amount of hopping again in the last couple of years, and looking back, I think we only had a few months of the single reality before it split again into a number of realities.

The shifting/hopping has increased in speed of late, with sometimes several shifts a day, and it’s quite interesting to see the effects of this, but it also causes something of a headache! So if you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, you may be feeling the effects of the many shifts, and the fragmenting of your energy.

Remember to stay grounded, being barefoot on the grass helps, as does imagining root coming out of your feet and anchoring you to the Earth.

Have you noticed the shifts? What’s your view on reality hopping?

I wrote about reality hopping in my novel, The Girl Who Loved Too Much, so if you’re interested in the concept, check it out!

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