Hang on to your hats

So three years ago, I filmed and released the episode below of Season 2 EarthAngelTV, about how we were ‘reality hopping’ and how a circle of friends and I had set the intention to merge realities so that we each became whole beings again.

Well we have been doing a considerable amount of hopping again in the last couple of years, and looking back, I think we only had a few months of the single reality before it split again into a number of realities.

The shifting/hopping has increased in speed of late, with sometimes several shifts a day, and it’s quite interesting to see the effects of this, but it also causes something of a headache! So if you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, you may be feeling the effects of the many shifts, and the fragmenting of your energy.

Remember to stay grounded, being barefoot on the grass helps, as does imagining root coming out of your feet and anchoring you to the Earth.

Have you noticed the shifts? What’s your view on reality hopping?

I wrote about reality hopping in my novel, The Girl Who Loved Too Much, so if you’re interested in the concept, check it out!

Oh the Irony

So. I blogged four times last year. Yes. A whopping grand total of 4. And one of those was about how I never blogged anymore. And another was about how I needed to relax more, because there was too much to do.

Isn’t ironic? Don’t you think?

(Just as a side note, I was supposed to be going to Alanis Morissette’s concert in Birmingham in September. It was postponed, obviously, and I find it quite ironic that it would have been the first concert I’ve been to in 12 years, and only the third one I’ve ever been to in my life. And it was cancelled because of the plague.

Pretty much like the first flight you’ve ever gone on crashing down…)

Anyway, it’s been on my mind for the last few months to start blogging again, because though I love Instagram, and tolerate Facebook, there’s still nothing like sharing actual thoughts in a semi-coherent fashion and then posting them online for the world to read.

Because, after all, I’m a writer. Well, I have written. One of my other plans this year is to write something every day. Whether it’s a poem, a bit of a novel or a blog post.

Guess what won today?

I have no desire to talk about last year. Not because it was a terrible one for me personally, but because I’m sure, like me, you are tired of hearing about it, and wish people would talk about something else already.

But I will share that I was very busy at the latter end of the year with publishing work, and was very pleased to have published a new novel, The Girl Who Loved Too Much, and also the paperback edition of The Old Soul’s Handbook, and then I also helped to publish a collection of short stories called Delayed Dreams, and a book on the hidden gems of London called Lost London. I’m also in the process of publish a new book called Burglar to Buddha, under our Not From This Planet imprint, Labradorite Press, and also the new Heal Your Home book by Adrian Incledon-Webber. So I haven’t been slacking by any means, in fact, I have spent way too much time on my laptop.

I’m not going to make any wild promises, but I do hope to write on here more often. You have been warned.