Business or Pleasure?

I can remember the exact moment that I stopped seeing blog writing as being a fun way to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas online, to seeing it as a marketing exercise. It was when I read a post by a successful Indie author, who used his blog to showcase his writing talent, which then made people curious about his books, and therefore then bought them.

Up until that point, blogging, was simply, blogging.

After that point, keywords became very important, blogging about popular things became important. Writing regularly became important.

Or so it seemed. In truth, my blogging didn’t change. I still only blogged when I felt like I had something to say. I actually tended to avoid popular topics, and I still only use relevant keywords to the subject I am writing about. So, although I have been aware from about 4 years that blogging is now considered a marketing exercise, I really have not been using it as such. Of course, I mention my books occasionally, but it really is just a place that I express my thoughts. I haven’t monetised it in any way, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I get any sales through it – I think that the people who follow it just like to find out what I’m up to, keep up to date with me and read my ramblings on various subjects.

So I have decided to ditch the idea that blogging is a marketing exercise, because in all honesty, all that thinking has done for me is suck out a little of the joy of it. Historically, blogs were simply online journals, where ordinary people could share their lives with the world. And I think I would like this blog to remain true to that.

If anyone reading my posts is inspired to read my books – excellent! If not – excellent! Either way, I will continue to ramble in my normal fashion, and I hope that’s okay with you.

Do you blog? Is it for business or for pleasure?

Me, blogging for the fun of it!